What’s the link between comms and performance?


What’s the link between comms and performance?

What challenges do communication professionals face daily? What is the link between communication and organisational performance?


These questions are being posed by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) as part of The 2015 Communications Practice Benchmark, and they need your input.

On the day the UK is discovering the results of the General Election, much will be written about the methods and consequences of communication efforts by all parties.

Is there a direct correlation between what they did and what voters did as a result? Yes, surely so. But that’s a whole other post.

Have your say on the link between communication and performance
IABC is calling for comms pros to determine the answers to their questions by completing a short survey.

Last year I wrote about the #11ways benchmarking database developed by Michael Ambjorn@michaelambjorn, Vice Chair, IABC International Executive Board and Stephen Welch, @stephenwelch11, past IABC UK President.

It revealed that high performing organisations, when compared to their peers, are:

  • Twice as likely to keep language simple and jargon-free
  • 80% more likely to have a process for creating great corporate stories.
  • Twice as likely to make emotional connections to their audiences
  • 60% more likely to think about communication from the audience perspective.

Good communications practice and organisational performance are inextricably linked (Tweet this)

The 2014 survey of 81 organisations, across 10 countries with approx 390,000 employees identified 11 challenges that today’s communicators are facing.

They saw a link between some of the 11 factors identified and organisational underperformance. View the 2014 results.

You can watch Michael and Stephen talking about the findings via this video:

Over to you…
IABC is now repeating the survey and inviting communicators to take part so the year-on-year trends can be analysed. It will take five minutes to complete, so grab a cup of tea and have your say.

Access the survey.

Results will be shared in August 2015 and you can follow the conversation via Twitter #11ways.

Post author: Rachel Miller
First published on All Things IC blog 8 May 2015.


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