90 minutes that changed your mind?


90 minutes that changed your mind?

According to the news, political history was made tonight due to the live TV debate. I found it fascinating, not just hearing what Brown, Cameron and Clegg were saying and studying their body language, tone of voice etc but also for the comments via Twitter.

Reading the constant stream of comments was intriguing and very often amusing. I wonder how many comms professionals were also watching the debate and finding themselves analysing the coverage and thinking about the research the various comms teams must have done to prepare the three of them.  I found it odd to watch the no applause rule as it seemed strange to hear people speak in a way which usually provokes a reaction such as clapping and to be met with silence.

A truly interesting night’s viewing and one which I’m sure will be mulled over for many more days to come, with every phrase and gesture analysed. Fascinating. What did you think? Did you watch the coverage? Do you provide opportunities for your Exec team to be in front of employees and answer their questions? Interested to know your thoughts, Rachel.


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