A bumper crop of comms resources


A bumper crop of comms resources

Where can you read articles on introducing social media within an organisation, rolling out new values, working as a freelancer, using storytelling to inspire employees and demonstrating gravitas in internal comms?

The answer is right here, on this page. Over the three and half years I’ve had my blog for, I’ve written hundreds of articles and invited numerous guests to share their knowledge and experiences too.

My blog stats show me how people found my website and the phrases they searched for. I always find it fascinating to see how people came to be on this page, and what they were looking for, and use this information to ensure the areas I cover match what you’re interested in.

I have covered numerous topics under the broad umbrella that is internal comms – from change to employee engagement, career advice to strategy and social media to events.

Looking back
This week marks 13 years since I entered the world of work, as I joined the newsdesk of my local newspaper as a trainee journalist the week before my 19th birthday. Over the years I’ve benefitted from reading thoughts from other professional communicators and today I thought I’d return that favour.

So I’m looking back at some of my favourite articles from my blog and have grouped posts together based on what people are searching my site for. I hope you find it useful and do contact me if you have a suggestion for a guest article you’d like to write or read in the future. I tag my articles with keywords, so do refer to the tag cloud on the right hand side of this page and use the search function at the top too to find even more articles.

By far the most popular article on my blog was the internal communications ‘what I do’ meme (pictured) I created in February this year at 3am when wracked with pregnancy insomnia! I keep finding it in various places online and it really seemed to capture people’s imaginations.

Seeing as I’m about to turn 32, here are 32 articles for you to enjoy. Without further ado, here they are, Rachel.

The importance of good writing
How to write good rejection letters

How storytelling can be used to inspire employees

Peek into other worlds – council and charity comms and insight into other workplaces
Connecting a whole town – Monmouthpedia

The challenge of charity comms

The seven deadly sins of communication

Royal Mail’s comms team has it licked 

Career advice and strategy, including advice on freelancing and establishing functions
Become a master of internal communication

Bursting out of the IC bubble? 

Diary of a freelancer

How to set up a comms function from scratch

Inspiring a generation of IC pros

Participation is more important than Pantone 

Survival of the fittest: adapting to survive 

What state is the PR profession in?

What will make you stand out from the IC crowd?

Why being an internal communicator in 2012 is a good thing 

Working your way in the freelance economy

Employee engagement including MacLeod and Warburtons
From MacLeod to the masses 

The freshly baked smell of success 

Social media including identifying channels, implementation and case studies
Are you up to speed with social media? 

Chatter that matters

Do you know your SMS from your M&S?

Does the thought of introducing social media fill you with fear? 

How accountants use Yammer 

Internal Comms pros learn about social media 

Share This – a sneaky peek into my chapter

To tweet or not to tweet? 

Why blog or tweet? An NHS leader shares his view

Technology overviews including Google+, Pinterest and SharePoint
Are you ready for Google+ 

Sharepoint 2010 – by the people for the people

To pin or not to pin?

What do Comms pros think of Google+? 

If you have any topics you’d like to read about, do let me know. If you’d like to see your name here, check out my guidelines for information on how to submit your ideas for future articles. Rachel


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