Internal comms podcasts


FIR_ATICEvery month I publish an internal communication podcast as part of the For Immediate Release (FIR) podcast network: FIR presents AllthingsIC with Rachel Miller.

It comes out on the last Tuesday of the month and is typically 20-30 minutes long.

2015: Please note I’m currently on maternity leave, and the show will return later this year

What is the show?
My show complements Neville Hobson (@jangles) and Shel Holtz’s (@shelholtz) existing podcasts (including the Hobson & Holtz report, Inside PR and FIR on strategy with Andrea Vascellari) by showcasing some of the best in class examples of effective internal communication, and also looks at what isn’t working so well and what we can learn from it.

I share practical hints and tips in each episode and see what tools and resources are around for IC pros to access. There are thousands of smart people working in internal communication globally and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Feel free to Tweet me @AllthingsIC if you have suggestions of something you’d like me to cover or to make me aware of.


fir-iphone-hand To listen to my podcasts:

You can find information about FIR on Twitter @FIRpodcastFacebook and Google+   I write an article to accompany each episode of “FIR presents AllthingsIC with Rachel Miller” so you have all the information from each show to hand and can sit back with a cup of tea and listen rather than feeling like you need to make notes.

Listen again

Rachel co-hosts the Hobson & Holtz report with @shelholtz, Monday 8 June 2015. Notes. Listen below:

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