It’s a fact: annual reports don’t have to be boring. Are yours? What did your last one look like?

AlivelogoI’ve got a visual treat for you today thanks to the smart people at Alive with Ideas.

They’ve created an infographic to give you some ideas to help sweeten them up, add some fizz and bring those figures to life…

Alan Oram, Creative Director at Alive said: “Stimulate, engage and delight your audience with something that’ll knock their socks off! The annual report is all about showcasing achievements, sharing developments, highlighting positive initiatives, reinforcing your brand and communicating about business performance.

“These are all opportunities to create vibrant, visual pages that demonstrate the value you place in your company and the pride you hold in your people.”

Whether you’re a non-profit association or a public company, there really is no need for run of the mill.

Alan added: “When it comes to creating your next report, it’s worth taking a little extra time to think about making something memorable. Consider your treacle topping, your candy coating and your dusting of deliciousness! Surprise your consumers, investors and partners with something special.”

IC strategy What do you think? Are you proud of your annual report? I’d love to see your examples, do please get in touch.

You can find this infographic on my Internal Communication board on Pinterest, alongside lots of others I like.

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Post author: Rachel Miller

P.s. Regular readers will know Alive With Ideas are the creative team who transformed my How To Write An Internal Communication Strategy article into an infographic. You can find them on Twitter @AliveWithIdeas.


Published on the All Things IC blog 29 February 2016.

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