Countdown to Christmas 3

Day three: What we can learn from #CommsConf

How can you ensure your organisation's internal communication demonstrates results? That was the topic addressed by #CommsConf in London back in June this year. This is the third article in my All Things IC Countdown to Christmas series. It's your chance to catch up with guest posts you may ha[...]

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Countdown to Christmas 2

Day two: How UKTV launched its company purpose

This summer, UKTV launched its new company purpose to colleagues with a beautiful animation. Soraya Shaboon, UKTV’s Internal Communications Manager is here to tell All Things IC readers the story behind the project. This is the second article in my All Things IC Countdown to Christmas seri[...]

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Countdown to Christmas 1

Day one: 10 tips for IC pros to build trust in leaders

Advent has started, which means the All Things IC countdown to Christmas is back. Every day between now and 25 December you have a second chance to read guest articles I've featured throughout 2016. My thanks as ever to all the communicators who have contributed to my site and shared their sto[...]

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How to use video

How to use video effectively for internal comms

How are you using video in your organisation? Want to know how to use it better? You're in the right place as I've interviewed Sam Howson from Terra Firma Pictures to discover from a professional what we need to know. He's shared what to avoid, what to try and the importance of starting. I've[...]

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IoIC professional map

Do you have the right skills to work in IC?

Do you have the right skills to work in internal communication? Today I've got news of a brand new profession map from the Institute of Internal Communication. They say it's intended to define our purpose as a profession and help businesses and practitioners understand what we do and why we do it[...]

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Strategic Internal Comms

Six things I heard at PR Week’s Strategic IC conference

There are some seriously smart things happening in internal communication right now. On Tuesday I had the privilege of attending PR Week's Strategic Internal Communications conference in London and hearing about them first hand. From monthly morale dashboards to innovative and creative employe[...]

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Modern Nativity

Segways and selfies… an alternative Christmas tale

Joseph, resplendent with a man bun, snaps a selfie to capture latte-holding Mary pulling a duck-face in front of the manger. The wise men arrive on segways holding Amazon Prime parcels, while an organic cow munches gluten-free feed outside the stable. The shepherd streams it all via social med[...]

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Oxford Dictionaries

The Oxford Dictionaries word of the year is…

After much discussion, debate, and research, the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2016 is post-truth. It's an adjective defined as relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief. The[...]

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Employer Brand Management

How to learn about employer brand management

Investing in a good employer brand means investing in a good reputation. But in times of change a company's reputation and, in turn, its employer brand faces pressures and stress. Do we know enough in internal comms about the topic? I think the short answer is no. Today I've news of a conference [...]

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Your guide to Christmas comms

The John Lewis advert is out, so it must be official - Christmas plans can now begin in earnest. I'm not here to debate whether Buster the Boxer is a canine cutie, or whether I love Mrs Claus, but to offer you a guide to Christmas comms. My twin sons were born on Christmas Day 2014, so this [...]

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ICOn award

Discover who the ICon Award winners are

The best in the IC business were celebrated at IoIC’s ICon Awards and Communicator of the Year lunch yesterday in London. Kate Jones (pictured right), head of internal communications at Tarmac, was named Internal Communicator of the Year. Congratulations Kate for a thoroughly well-deserved w[...]

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Something else from ICology

The greatest lie internal communications tells itself

What is the greatest lie internal communications tells itself? What's the greatest lie you tell? I've shared my view as part of global conversations sparked by Chuck Gose of the fantastic ICology @LearnICology podcast series. You can hear my answer below and watch me talking about it via Som[...]

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