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Free training to help you learn about inclusive communication

What does it mean to communicate in an accessible and inclusive way? What is the TALK framework and how can it help you communicate?* Communication is not simply about the ability to speak but also the ability to hear and understand what is said to us. This lies at the very core of human dignity. […]

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Podcast: How to recruit an internal communicator

Are you recruiting an internal communication professional? Do you know how to describe the type of person you’re looking for? Is this the first time you’ve tried to hire an IC pro? Have you researched the job title accurately? This week’s episode of the Candid Comms podcast is for you if you’re searching for a […]

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How to keep going

How are you doing? How are you really doing? I’m writing this with my laptop on my knees while two of my children play next to me. They are meant to be in school, but Covid has reared its head for the third time in my household. We know the drill. We’ve unfortunately been here […]

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Podcast: What IC pros need to know about culture

How often do you talk about culture in your organisation? It’s a phrase you’ll probably hear a lot in your Comms career. You’ve probably spoken about culture with your leaders, colleagues and team. In this latest episode of my Candid Comms podcast I cover: What organisational culture means Definitions I use How to define culture […]

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Why storytelling matters more than ever

Does your organisation use storytelling? How many stories do you share inside your company? Peer-to-peer content is amazing for internal communication. Stories of ‘people like you are doing things like this’ are viewed as credible and trusted. More so than content from the CEO! See the Edelman Trust Barometer for more info about levels of […]

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Podcast: How to create an IC channel strategy

What is your internal comms (IC) channel strategy like? Need some help? If so, this latest episode of the Candid Comms podcast is for you. I cover: What a channels strategy is The role of internal communication channels The three things you need to know How to make informed decisions What you need to be […]

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Thank you from Rachel

As the year starts winding down, I thought I would write an article to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has chosen to work with All Things IC this year. We’ve loved supporting Comms professionals and their teams in 2021. We have continued to work internationally, including advising professional communicators in the US, […]

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Podcast: How to plan your 2022 internal communication

How is your 2022 planning going? Need some help? If so, this latest episode of the Candid Comms podcast is for you. I cover: Why you need to review 2021 How to look back before you go forward How to get organised for the year ahead The importance of analysing your work. Do let me […]

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Looking after your mental health at Christmas

Christmas may be something you look forward to, or it may be a time of year you find a bit tough. What the festive period brings is individual to each of us. I write about mental health a lot on the All Things IC blog. Regular readers will know I believe what happens inside is […]

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Podcast: What start-ups need to know about internal communication

What do new companies need to know about internal communication? When is the right time to make your first Comms hire? This episode of the Candid Comms podcast is for you if you’re interested in joining a start-up, are thinking about hiring your first Comms pro or want to know more about the world of […]

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How to future-proof your career in 2022

2021 has been a struggle for many in the communications industry, with the ongoing pandemic coupled with evolving working processes and increasing demand on new knowledge and skills. Today a brand new episode of Paul Sutton’s Digital Download podcast has been published, featuring an interview with me. Paul and I discussed how to future-proof your […]

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Podcast: How to create a monthly IC measurement report

How do you measure your internal communication? Do you create a measurement report? If so, what’s in it? If you’ve never created a measurement report, what would you put in one? This is the topic up for discussion in today’s Candid Comms podcast episode. I’ve looked at how to create a monthly IC measurement report including: […]

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