Your invitation to celebrate internal communication

‘We've come a long long way together, through the hard times and the good, we have to celebrate you baby, we have to praise you like we should.’ The lyrics for the iconic 90s dance track are the inspiration for a special event to mark the progress made by the internal communication industry i[...]

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Fake news

Get a reality check on fake news

The media is awash with stories mentioning fake news this week. What is it? How does it work, what do you need to know and how does it impact internal communication? Fake news is false information which has been crafted and shared, usually for a purpose. I've seen it described as active misinf[...]

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Snow comms

How to prepare snow comms and look organised

Like many parents, it’s a rare treat if I make it through a week without hearing a reference to Olaf, Princess Anna or wrestling my daughter out of her Elsa dress. The film Frozen has taken everyone by storm, yet for comms pros the onset of snow and ice can only mean one thing… snow comms[...]

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Gemma Trevers PR

Can IC pros use digital platforms to engage employees?

Can internal communication practitioners use digital platforms to engage employees? How can they influence each other? Today Public Relations Masters graduate Gemma Trevers (@GTreversPR) has written a guest blog for All Things IC outlining her research project findings on digital internal comm[...]

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History of IC

Watch the history of internal comms

How did companies communicate via video in the 1940s? How did Tesco use film to educate its employees about the decimalisation system in the 1970s? Following my recent article about the inspiring BBC Radio4 show documenting the history of internal communication, I've been sent some incredible arc[...]

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Listen to the history of internal communication

When was the first employee magazine produced? It's earlier than you may think. Much earlier. I've got a treat for your ears today in the form of a one-off radio show from the BBC focused on internal communication. The show, called Bathrooms Are Coming: An Internal History of Corporate Comm[...]

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Updated engagement evidence

The latest employee engagement evidence

How do you measure employee engagement? If your 2017 plans include increasing your knowledge of employee engagement and finding examples of who's doing what, you're in the right place. I've blogged about the topic numerous times over the past eight years, and will share lots of resources at the e[...]

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Merry Christmas

Day 24: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We're just hours away from Father Christmas visiting and my household celebrating my twin sons' second birthdays on 25 December. It's been a significant year for many reasons and as my Countdown to Christmas draws to a close, I'd like to wish my clients, contacts and readers a very Happy Chris[...]

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Countdown to Christmas 1

Day 23: How to communicate with the Queen

This year Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II turned 90-years-old. From the gorgeous Annie Leibovitz photographs, to celebratory paraphernalia and specialist edition newspapers, it's been a big deal here in the UK. Today's Countdown to Christmas features London-based strategic communications consulta[...]

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Countdown to Christmas 11

Day 22: How Co-op communicates with offline employees

How can you reach offline employees and ensure your company's communication efforts are open and accessible to all? This week Co-op joined the likes of Tesco, Asda, Heineken, National Grid and Royal Mail in providing an online site for their employees to access publicly, with the launch of coop[...]

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Countdown to Christmas 5

Day 21: Things I wish I’d known…

What do you wish you'd known about working in internal communication before you started? What's the biggest lesson you've learnt in your career? It's never too late to adjust your thinking, learn from mistakes, try something new and experiment. Today's guest post as part of my Countdown to Ch[...]

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Countdown to Christmas 3

Day 20: The times they are a changin’

It seems the only thing guaranteed in business nowadays is change.  Change to attract new talent. Change to retain it.  Change to keep up with competition. Change to stay ahead. Today's Countdown to Christmas guest article was written by Laura James (pictured). With eight years’ experienc[...]

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