BCP Yammer

How to use Yammer for Business Continuity Planning

Picture the scene: high summer, after a month of false starts and grey skies, finally reaches Oxford.With the temperature outside reaching 28°C, the air conditioning unit in a main server room fails. What do you do?That's the situation Oxford University Press faced 10 days ago.Here John[...]

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What’s on for comms pros this week

Summer season is in full swing here in the UK.I've spent the weekend lathering my three children in sun cream, trying to locate their various sun-hats and negotiating pleas for more ice-cream. London has been enjoying some beautiful weather, I love it.It feels like everyone is in wind-down m[...]

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A non-scientist’s guide to creating IC strategy

What is it like to work as a professional communicator at Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics and accelerator-based science?What steps do you need to take to write an internal communication strategy?You're in the right place to discover the answers to both these que[...]

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ESN Research

New research highlights challenges to using ESNs

Fewer than 50 per cent of communicators believe the implementation of internal social media tools in their organisation has been successful.Does that include you?That's one of the findings from a new PR Academy survey of internal communication, PR and digital communication professionals ab[...]

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How an NHS Trust is encouraging social media use

"We trust our employees with patients' lives. Why wouldn't we trust them with social media?"I've shared this quote from Dean Royles, ex-Chief Executive of NHS Employers many times as it highlights the importance of trust in workplaces when it comes to social media.This week Barking, Haveri[...]

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Mind the gap

Save 20% off CIPR Inside conference tickets

Do you know where the gaps are in internal communication? Not just inside your organisation, but in your own knowledge?This year's internal communication conference from CIPR Inside aims to Close the Gap.All Things IC blog readers can save 20 per cent off tickets with my code allthingsIC16, [...]

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What’s on for comms pros this week

How important are writing skills for effective internal communication?Got an opinion on this topic? I'd love to hear it - I'm co-hosting tomorrow's #CommsChat and you're welcome to join in.The chat is taking place on Monday 18 July from 8-9pm GMT on Twitter.I'll be joining communicato[...]

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What’s on for comms pros this week

How can you develop your career for free? One of the best ways is by investing time and effort in yourself. There are plenty of opportunities to learn without spending anything.From reading blogs to listening to podcasts and attending networking events, there are lots of options available.If[...]

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An introduction to All Things IC Masterclasses

The best part of learning is sharing what you know.  I agree with that quote from educator Vaughn K. Lauer and today I've got a brand new video to share with you so you can find out more about All Things IC Masterclasses.The courses cover a range of topics and bookings are being taken for Inte[...]

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Comms to CEO

How Comms pros can become CEOs

Can today's Corporate Affairs Director be tomorrow's CEO?The short answer is yes. Read on for advice from former Corporate Communications Directors turned CEOs to help you be a credible contender.I've got news of a report focusing on a series of frank and insightful interviews with insp[...]

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What people want in a leader

The leadership race in the UK is changing by the hour. Our political parties are in turmoil and you cannot predict what will happen next.So it's timely to see the release of new international research across five continents, which reveals "feminine, title-less and diverse leaders" are the most s[...]

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What we can learn from CommsConf

How can you ensure your organisation's internal communication demonstrates results? That was the topic addressed by yesterday's #CommsConf in London.One of the speakers, Kes Johnston, @KesJohnston, has written a guest post for the All Things IC blog to share what we missed. Plus discover her to[...]

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