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Thank you to everyone who has written guest articles for the All Things IC blog over the years. We’ve featured in-house internal communicators, HR Directors, Recruiters, Consultants, PR students and many more.

What do they all have in common? Great stories to share. 

You can see them all here. They cover a wide range of topics from professional development, to successful campaigns and thoughts on the role of social media and internal communication.

If you would like to contribute, please see the guidelines and do get in touch with your idea,

Rachel Miller

Internal Comms

A journalist’s view on internal vs external comms – by Adam Kirtley
How PR students can get a job in IC – by Martyna Borys
What IC pros can learn from Game of Thrones
– by Ross Tabard
10 tips for IC pros to build trust in leaders – by Nick Terry
The state of the internal communication sector study, 2016 – by Lee Smith
The only way is ethics – how to communicate integrity – by Katherine Bradshaw
How to structure your intranet – by Wedge Black
How to run an internal festival – by Suzanne Smith
Three ways to use your intranet to improve internal comms – by Fred Schrader
How to brew the perfect managers’ conference – by Ash Freeman
Seven reasons to enter comms awards – by Steve Bynghall 
Announcing the comms2point0 awards
– by Dan Slee
How to master the art of studying internal communication – by Vicki O’Connell
The start of a year working out loud – by Lauren Noakes
How to invest in your people (IiP) – by Caroline King
Community Management basics for IC pros – by Virpi Oinonen
Internal and external comms – aligning the message – by Ashley Freeman
How to plan and launch an award-winning intranet – by Stephen Bynghall
How Communicators are thinking SMART – by Ashley Freeman
Thoughts on independence – by Keith Lams
Choose your weapon – how to select the right channel – by Kate Jones
Easy like a Sunday morning for the Post Office – by Naomi Sayers
Can graphic facilitation break down barriers to IC?
– by Ashley Freeman
How to communicate here, there and everywhere – by Eloise Hindes
Building your IC team, competencies and skills – by Luke Dodd
What does the future of communication look like?
– by Jarrod Williams
Is gamification a winner for employee engagement? – by Ashley Freeman
Embracing the World Cup celebrations at work – by Jo Osborn
How to turn football into charity funds – by Carol Ross
Thoughts from today’s commsconf – by Jenny Burns
How to connect emotionally with employees
– by Katy Stanley
How to communicate a strategic plan – by Hilary Castle
Comms heroes prepare to fly into town – by Caroline King
Communicating change at Westminster City Council – by Rosemary Scott
How to use the familiar to explain something new – by Dawn Robinson
Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there – Steph Ayre
Disney’s secrets revealed for comms pros
– by Wendy Jordan
The rise of responsive organisations – by Mike Grafham
Marry, date or dump? Advice on tone of voice – by Kim Borrowdale
Internal comms pros shape the broadcast agenda – by Lorraine Hambleton
Ivy Lee and the history of internal communication – by Richard Evans
Strategic internal comms up for discussion – by James Harkness
Diary of an internal comms ninja – by Jessica Beaven
How communication can save lives – by Katie Chappelle
How comedy can prepare you for internal communication – by Julia Collings
Comms pros set sail on the boat – by Louise Oliver
Internal communication laid bare at the Melcrum summit – by Luke Dodd
Secrets of award-winning intranets – by Steve Bynghall
How to counter event fatigue – by Oli Howard
An introverted revolution in internal communication
 – by Helen Deverell
What’s your #insidestory? – by James Harkness
How to communicate the DNA of an organisation – by Andy Johnson
A mini way to communicate – by Andy Bell and Richard Ling
How Thomas Cook communicated its rebrand internally – by Vicki Burwell
Book review of Share This Too – by Richard Cooper
How to release the power of innovation – by Ian Brownhill
How the history of internal comms can be traced back to 1920 – by Richard Evans
A measured response – overview of IC surveys, strategy and sentiment summit – by Billy Hamilton
Communicating with call centre employees – by Tory Frost
How do you engage people with disabilities?
 – by Hayley McGarvey
Diary of an IC student
 – by Stefan Stojadinovic
Will there be donuts?
 – by Leoni Atkins
Intelligent communication in a social world – by Nigel Danson
Future proofing internal communication – by Helen Deverell
Using video to inspire employees – by Alex Bird
A student’s view on using social media for IC – by Kayley Peters
Strategy in action: the Vodafone way – by Padraic Knox
How will you communicate in 2023? – BergHind Joseph
Different sectors, same challenges? – by Kim Borrowdale
How to get more value from internal communication – by Gloria Lombardi
From BBC to IC… an insider’s view – by Mike Ramsden
IC is not a haphazard destination – by Natalie Benjamin
Can you imagine a day without IC? – by Aniisu K. Verghese
Mastering communication through education – by Laura Davies
Diary of an IC student – by Jess Grant
Rolling out the red carpet for comms courses – by Chris Gamble
Using internal comms to connect communities – by Jessica Roberts
Comms pros are qualified to celebrate – by Richard Cooper
Bursting out of the IC bubble – by Kim Borrowdale
Using emotive communication for reputation management – by Kamila Sosnowska
Story telling as a comms tool – by Vera Woodhead
Finding online solutions to comms problems – by Malcolm Lotzof
IC pros flock to the Simply Summit – by Sonsoles Lumbreras
Connecting a whole town – Monmouthpedia – by Helen Reynolds
The challenge of charity comms – by Alex Smith
Between a job and a hard place – by Euan Gillies
SharePoint – by the people, for the people – Lee Stevens
What will make you stand out from the crowd? – by David Broome, VMA
Why being an internal communicator in 2012 is a good thing – by Wayne Reynolds
Survival of the fittest – by David Broome, VMA
How Bart and pyramids can improve your writing – by Jess Unwin
Diary from the Melcrum summit – by Steve Murgatroyd
Nine steps to delivering a success staff event – by Jessica Bull
How to write good rejection letters – by Michelle Walkden
The seven deadly sins of comms – by Sonsoles Lumbreras
What a noisy gibbon can teach comms pros – by Emma Edwards
Diary of a freelancer – by Kim Borrowdale
Diary of an Olympic Media Manager – by Eden Black
Diary of a French communicator – by Aurore Cazal
Diary of a PR student- by Bryony Chinnery
Diary of a Hungarian communicator – by Csaba Szucs
What it’s like being an IC pro in the Middle East – by Nada Enan

Social Media

How Sage use social media – by Emilie Carr
SMiLE and be ‘Appy – thoughts from SMiLE 2014
– by Charles Fenoughty
How #HousingDay took Twitter by storm
 – by Rae Watson
Five ways to gain and sustain your edge in digital comms – by Luke Dodd
How to create a tremor with your esn – by Tony Stewart
How Google Plus is benefitting a Disabled Staff Network – by Mark Travis
A look at social media for sustainability – by Iliyana Stareva
ABB employees have 50,000 reasons to use Yammer – by Veronique Vallieres
Why invest in an enterprise social network – by Virpi Oinonen
How to make your enterprise social network a success – by Kostas Kastrisios
How to SMILE before, during and after events – by Matt O’Neill
Digital by default – by Dawn Robinson
Organisations don’t tweet, people do
 – by Euan Semple
A student’s view on using social media for IC – by Kayley Peters
How to use social media in a disaster – by Amanda Coleman
How the digital royalty use social media to communicate – by Leoni Atkins
Chatter that matters: How Coca-Cola Enterprises uses Chatter – by Neil Jenkins
How Aviva Investors use Yammer – by Tony Stewart
Does social media implementation fill you with fear? – by Sarah Hodges
It adds up: How accountants use Yammer – by Suzanne Masters
Do they ‘like’ it (Yammer) – by Tony Stewart
Why blog or tweet? An NHS leader shares his view – by Dean Royles
Using social media for learning – by Perry Timms
Share This: social media conference success – by Jarrod Williams
Uniting a whole country through social media – by Sheila Parry

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