Stop tweeting boring sh*t – the new rules of work


Stop tweeting boring sh*t – the new rules of work

Sometimes a book comes along that makes you stop in your tracks, forget what else is on your to do list and dive straight in.

That’s exactly what has just happened to me. Last week I met up with the awesome Jeremy Waite, @jeremywaite who is Social Evangelist at Adobe. But more important than his role, is how much he inspired me. I thoroughly enjoyed what I think he will agree with, was a total geek-out discussing all things social media, communication and everything else in between.

I left our two hour conversation literally buzzing with ideas, things to look up and books to read. Jeremy’s book The 80 Rules of Social Media is due out on 5 May and anyone who has read the original article behind the book should have the date marked in their diaries, I certainly have.

stoptweetingOne of his recommendations was Stop Tweeting Boring Sh*t: The New Rules of Work by co-founders of San Francisco agency Divion of Labor, Paul Hirsch and Josh Denberg (pictured). You can find them on Twitter @StopTweetingSht.

I ordered it that day and within two days it had arrived and I’d read it (yes I’m a print girl – and it was worth the 48 hour wait).

Despite the cheeky title (sorry mum!), if you can get past the language and into the book, you are in for a treat.

It’s packed full of funny and searingly true statements about the world of work, social media and general interaction. I think it’s a treat for communicators, and as it’s full of large bright images in the style of posters, it’s a visual feast too.

I recommend checking it out and it would make a great gift for communicators, I know I will be ordering more copies for people in my network.


P.s. Want to know what other books I enjoy reading? See my books page for information about books I’ve contributed to and my reading lists.

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Post author: Rachel Miller


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2  responses on Stop tweeting boring sh*t – the new rules of work

Rachel! Thanks for the great coverage! The 80 Rules of Social Media looks like a great read — Can’t wait for it to come out.

FYI, most of the rules from our book are for sale as posters our site:


Hi chaps, pleasure, as you can tell from my article, I really enjoyed reading your book, Rachel.

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