Child’s play – communication at your fingertips


Child’s play – communication at your fingertips

Today my husband Jon presented at Capgemini’s Futures Forum (#fow2011) on how he has been rolling out iPads at his work and finding new ways for employees to communicate.

Our household combination of an IT Project Manager and professional communicator means we often have conversations about how the two worlds cross over and how they can influence and enhance each other.

One of the aspects from today that Jon shared with me was a YouTube video that was shown at the Futures Forum featuring a one-year-old girl and an iPad. Being an Aunt to four gorgeous nephews and seeing how adept they are with all Apple products, it didn’t surprise me to see the content of this film. My three-year-old twin nephews (pictured) regularly disappear with my iPhone so they can find the apps I’ve downloaded for them including Dr Seuss, Talking Carl and many more.

There has been a lot written on how to communicate with different audiences and ages, segmenting in all kinds of ways including Generation X, Y etc. Knowing how to communicate with the new generation, like my nephews and employees of all ages, is vital for professional communicators to bear in mind. To the twins it will be unthinkable that the Apples I took to school were for lunch, I handwrote all my school coursework and didn’t get a laptop until I was in my late 20s. Now more than ever, comms professionals need to ensure that our approaches and tools evolve with technology and expectations, and we continue to find ways to communicate effectively.

Here is the film, its title is ‘Baby thinks magazine is a broken iPad’ which pretty much does what it says on the tin – sit back and enjoy!

My other recommended resource for today is the latest ezine from Sequel Group via their group on LinkedIn. I found their articles on where Internal Communication sits within organisations and the evolution of magazines a good read, and think it’s worth a look.

Have you come across something recently that you think other comms professionals would be interested in seeing? You can contact me: or comment below. Thanks as ever for stopping by.

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