Comms pros are qualified to celebrate


Comms pros are qualified to celebrate

Over the past 24 hours internal comms pros have been discovering whether or not they have successfully passed the Internal Communications diploma by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). Lots have been recognised on Twitter @theICcrowd – do tweet to share your news.

Richard Cooper is Internal Communications Manager at the Open University. Here he writes for Diary of an internal communicator about his studying and what’s ahead. Many congratulations, and over to you Richard.

Today I was chuffed to find out that I passed the CIPR’s Internal Communications Diploma with a Merit. I came into Internal Communications quite late, having spent 10 enjoyable years in journalism. However, I wanted a more central role within an organisation.

When I joined The Open University (OU) four years ago, I would daily speak to students who would tell me these amazing stories about how the OU had transformed their lives. It dawned on me that life-long learning was the key to continual self-development. It particularly resonated with me because I was transitioning into a new career – Internal Communications.

First, I studied for an Open degree with the OU, specialising in Business Studies. That gave me the background into how organisations work and a strong understanding of strategy. This contributed directly to my day job and vice-versa.

To keep up the momentum, I then signed up for the CIPR’s Certificate in Internal Communications in between OU courses. In a relatively short period I built up knowledge of IC theory and could directly apply it to my day job. Kevin Ruck’s tuition was excellent. I quickly built up confidence and eventually gained a distinction. Last summer I was promoted to Internal Communications Manager. I am sure that a large part of that was due to what I had gained from study.

The next logical step was to study for the IC Diploma, which enabled me to get deeper into the subject. It gave me the opportunity to concentrate on areas that needed focusing on in my day job.

Of course, I would say that life-long learning helps progress your career – it’s my job to do so. But from first-hand experience, that definitely has been the case… and, weirdly, it is very enjoyable.

Last month I had my OU graduation ceremony in Versailles (pictured) which was wonderful. And now it it’s time to knuckle down once again as I start the first presentation of the MSc in Internal Communications Management at the University of Central Lancashire.

Well done again Richard, and best of luck with the ICM course in Lancashire. I profiled the new course in Lancashire on my blog a few months back and you can read that article here.

Are you celebrating passing an internal comms course? If so, do share your news here or via @theICcrowd so other comms pros can mark your success with you.



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