How to detox your internal magazine


How to detox your internal magazine

A detox is all about improving and optimising a particular function.

Which is precisely what your internal magazine requires… regularly.

Eliminating tired content and replacing it with fresh, vibrant, engaging material – working together with your complimentary functions to create one super-boosted comms channel.

Sound good? I thought so too.

I spotted this fruity infographic from the smart people at Alive With Ideas!

They’ve given me permission to share it with you and I hope you find it useful.

Director Alan Oram says: “We’ve put together this fruity infographic to inspire some thoughts and ideas that’ll help recharge your employee magazine, keeping it fresh, fit and healthy!”

How healthy is your internal publication?

Want to pin it or view in one go?

The full image is below:


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Post author: Rachel Miller
Published on the All Things IC blog 3 August 2016.


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2  responses on How to detox your internal magazine

Really great Infographic Rachel. I love it.

I think all these are really great but I think it is important that they each are rooted in the overall altruistic brand of the business. People want to feel good about where they work.

When we feel good, proud, excited, enthused….When we feel as though our work matters, we will move heaven and earth.

Hi Geoff thank you for your comments, which I agree with. Meaningful work is a powerful thing! Rachel.

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