reddiaryBack in August I was asked by Melcrum to keep a diary of the first four weeks in my new role as Head of Communications for London Overground Rail Operations Ltd (LOROL). The four weeks whizzed by and before I knew it, the end of my first month had arrived and the diary was over.

Throughout this time I had received so many emails of support and comments through the Melcrum blog. Professional communicators, students, designers, curious readers and people from all kinds of backgrounds seemed interested in finding out about the challenges, frustrations and opportunities that take place daily for internal communicators.

So following on from your feedback and due to your desire to read more, I’ve decided to continue my diary and this is the place to find it. You may have spotted the banner on this site has changed as the diary will be my main focus.

I’d love to know your feedback and comments. Although this is my diary, I believe it’s important that communicators learn and share with each other, so if you work in comms and would like to be a guest writer and share your diary for a week on this site, please contact me.

Happy reading!

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