Employee engagement…what’s next?


Employee engagement…what’s next?

What’s been happening with the Employee Engagement Task Force? You may have noticed David MacLeod’s name appearing on conference schedules for the upcoming months, and the appetite to know more is certainly there. Now there’s some news to share and it comes from David himself.

Before revealing what it is, let’s rewind slightly… If you work in internal comms, I’m sure you’re familiar with the 2009 Engaging for Success report to Government by David MacLeod and Nita Clarke. Despite the change in Government, employee engagement was one of the very few initiatives considered so significant in its own right that the new Government took an interest too, although it’s important to note that the Task Force is not funded by them, but by its members.

Back in April a ‘one year on’ conference took place at the Department of Business Innovation & Skills in London to mark 12 months since the creation of the Employee Engagement Task Force. You can read the article I wrote back then to highlight what happened and you can follow @Engage4success on Twitter.

Fast forward to now, and David MacLeod has taken to YouTube to provide an update to let people get a taster of what’s to come in the near future as part of the ‘go-live’ phase.

In it he mentions that a film has been created to “try and bring alive in a rational way what an engaged employee looks like”. I certainly think having more tools in the armoury of comms professionals is a good thing, particularly when it comes to trying to communicate all things engagement with business partners.

I’ll leave it to David to provide the update, which you can watch via the image on this page, Rachel


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2  responses on Employee engagement…what’s next?

Hi Rachel,

Thanks so much for this blog post. I really like the reportage style and the speed – I only put this up last night! Hope you readers find it of interest. The internal comms community plays such an important in Employee Engagement.


You’re welcome Ali, sounds like there are exciting times ahead, Rachel.

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