Engaging for success in the UK economy


Engaging for success in the UK economy

Last week PR Conversations published an article I wrote for them to highlight the Engage for Success movement in the UK. I was asked to contribute by my friend Judy Gombita, who like many of my global comms contacts, I discovered via Twitter.

Judy is a smart cookie with more than 20 years of experience in public relations and communication management. She specialises in the association sector and over the last few years has transitioned to being a senior-level, hybrid public relations and social media specialist. Thank you to Judy for the opportunity to share the good work of the Task Force with PR Conversations readers. If you’re not following her on Twitter, you’re missing out. Do add PR Conversations to your blogroll and see @PRConversations on Twitter too.

We both regularly participate in @commschat on Mondays (8-9pm GMT) and from next month we’re going to be sharing another platform too – I’ll be revealing more info about that in a few weeks.

My PR Conversations article provided the background to the movement and looked at some of the work being undertaken by the UK to address employee engagement and equip business leaders with resources and tools to do their jobs. Since publishing, a discussion has been sparked in the comments. I’d encourage you to take a look and share your views too.

Read the article here

You can find out more about Engage for Success on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also see conversations and content related to employee engagement on Twitter by using the hashtag #e4s.

Guest articles
Thank you to everyone who has written for my blog this year. I’ve created an archive so you can read or re-read the thoughts of professional communicators. You can read articles I have written for other websites at the bottom of my portfolio/press page.

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I’m always on the lookout for guest writers to contribute to my blog. If you are a professional communicator and have an idea for a story you think my readers would be interested in, do please check out my guest article guidelines and get in touch, Rachel

Post author: Rachel Miller

First published 3 December 2012.


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