Episode three of my IC podcast is now live


Episode three of my IC podcast is now live

Welcome to episode three of FIR presents All Things IC with Rachel Miller.


On the last Tuesday of each month I publish a podcast focusing on internal communication as part of the For Immediate Release (FIR) podcast network.

You can find a whole host of other podcasts to listen to in the network, including the iconic Hobson & Holtz Report, which is now in its tenth year. Find out more information via the network’s Google+ community.

My show this month includes interviews with Kevin Ruck, @academykev, Co-founder of PR Academy, and Liz Cochrane, @liz_cochrane, Course Director of Kingston University’s post-graduate diploma in Internal Communication Management and the new Masters in Internal Communication course.

Plus I catch up with Matthew Partovi, Yammer’s 13th employee in Europe to discover his thoughts behind a new event called Culturevist.

You can see full links below to listen to the show and this blog post is the accompanying notes to give you further information about what you can hear in the episode.

Edelman Trust Barometer
Read my overview of the 2014 Trust Barometer here and watch an overview below or via YouTube.

The IC Space
Read my overview of the brand new resource @UKGovComms, The IC Space via this article.

Access The IC Space.

Discussion on internal comms qualifications
You can see more information about the courses we talk about in the podcast here:

culturevist Culturevists unite to discuss all things culture related
Read information about Culturevist via this blog post I published last week.

You can find them on Twitter @culturevist, see the website or join the LinkedIn group.

Matthew is on Twitter @matthewpartovi.

Listen to the show:

Post author: Rachel Miller

Published on All Things IC blog January 2014.


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