How Government will be communicating in 2015/16


How Government will be communicating in 2015/16

The fourth annual Government Communications Plan was launched today, setting out an overall vision for the Government Communication Service (GCS).

GCSIf you’re interested in knowing what’s ahead, I recommend checking it out. The 2015-16 plan shows how government aims to provide a more unified communications profession and better value for money.

It also reveals how the skills of communicators will be strengthened, which is a move I welcome.

Government spending on communications has already reduced by half a billion pounds a year, while at the same time increasing the effectiveness and capability of government communicators.

The new plan #GovCommsPlan, outlines how government will build on this by providing even more streamlined and effective campaigns and stronger partnerships.

Heart of the plan
At the heart of the plan is providing a clear focus for the year ahead. It sets out the main communications campaigns the profession will deliver in 2015 – 2016 for the new Government.

At the centre of this is the Government’s One Nation narrative, and as part of the plan, communicators will need to demonstrate how their work furthers the four main themes within the narrative, namely:

  • Helping working people
  • Spreading hope and opportunity
  • Bringing our country together
  • Securing Britain’s place in the world.

Global recognition
Over the last year, the UK Government’s communications has been recognised across the world, with over 80 national and international awards. The Plan outlines how UK government communications will continue to set the gold standard, and key to this will be building a more skilled, unified and productive profession. GCS’s improvement programmes will play an important role – including building on the successful Early Talent and Inspire programmes.

GCS’s award winning evaluation work will also continue, and will be combined with robust audience insight. GCS’s dedicated audience insight function will help commission audience research for new government campaigns and a cross-government insight network will also be created to enable government insight professionals to share knowledge and ideas for communicating with specific audiences.

alex-aikenAlex Aiken, Executive Director of Government Communications (pictured) said: “Effective communication performs an essential role right across Government. Our plan is clear; the work we do every day, is to deliver world-class campaigns to save and enrich people’s lives.

“We are proud of our world-leading reputation, but in an ever-evolving profession we cannot afford to stand still.”

Alex is renowned for the sterling work he has overseen in this area. I think this plan is a reflection of the continued focus and desire to improve both the reputation and profession of communication, and those working in it.

The document itself is easy-to-read and one of the best examples I’ve seen of clearly outlining a solid plan.

Minister for the Cabinet Office, Matt Hancock said: “The Government Communication Service is essential in communicating the mission of our One Nation Government. This plan shows that GCS’s world class work will continue to offer both maximum value for taxpayer’s money and a more skilled and effective service than ever before.”

The plan also offers an insight into how in the last year government communicated on issues as diverse as Ebola to helping people save money on their energy bills. It also evaluates the success of long running, successful campaigns such as the GREAT Campaign as well as government’s priorities ahead. Such as informing hard working people of government plans to put money back in their pockets, through HM Treasury’s plans to establish a new national living wage.

You can download a copy of the 52 page plan here: Government Communciations Plan 2015/2016.

See #GovCommsPlan on Twitter for more information.

Post author: Rachel Miller

First published on the All Things IC blog 22 July 2015.


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