The latest installment from Csaba…

Two weeks ago I downloaded and installed FeedDemon onto my laptop at my workplace. With the help of Google Alerts and monitorThis and grabbing the RSS feed of a Hungarian blog monitoring site I started to look for any posts, articles, which mention the company. Yes, I know that’s related to PR but I will explain it to you right now. Our company is really customer focused so I believe we should incorporate the customers’ opinion into internal communications – for example we could share the collected information via the intranet with our colleagues. (By the way the line between internal and external communications is fading I believe.)

During the week I discovered that there are two ways to start a blog inside the walls of the company. In the first case you can send a request to the HQ and you have a bog within a day – or the possibility to start one. In the second case you can send a request to your superior and after that you can start to write. The difference is that in the first case you “receive” only a simple blog, while in the second case you can use a more complex one, which is more than a simple blog. You have the opportunity to open discussion board and many other useful things. (By the way that’s the reason why MySite was not used here in Hungary because there is an other option, which could provide almost the same features.)

Using the navigation management tree of the intranet I started to check what I can find on it – I mean on the “local” one. (This is a complicated issue because we use shared pages at the moment.) As it turned out there will be a lot of work with it. Outdated content and so on.

An interesting part of the week was when we recreated the newsletter. (FYI: we have a blog, where each post covers some news, it is being updated weekly and after that a newsletter has been sent to colleagues via email to inform them about the new ones.) Earlier it was plain text but from now on we will use a HTML template, which we received from the UK. Of course, we change it a little but it was a useful help anyway.

I should mention that I discovered that I must learn a new language, which will be very useful in my job. That is the Wiki Markup Language – we can edit our blogs with that one.

Until next week, Csaba.

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