This week marks a whole year since the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) launched Conversation. The site is one of my go-to places online to read a round-up of latest PR and Comms news and blog postings and I recommend it on my Rachel’s Resources page.

I’m a CIPR member and last year I decided to start sharing my blog posts with the site so they appear in their newsfeed. This week Conversation is celebrating its first birthday. To mark the occasion they highlighted the most popular posts from the previous 12 months and I’m delighted to say that one of mine is in that handful. I wasn’t surprised to discover it was the Internal Comms ‘What I do’ meme that I created. That is the most popular post on my blog and is still getting hits daily, despite being published in February.

The top five most popular Conversation posts from its first 12 months were:

1. Braehead row puts Scotland on the map for PR and social media disasters, by Scott Douglas

2. Tedia Studies: Why boredom is good for your creativity, by Andy Green

3. Social media analytics: Measuring your results, by Michael Litman

4. What people think I do meme – internal communications, by Rachel Miller

5. January 2012: The month in #FAIL, by Kate Hartley

If you haven’t checked out Conversation before, I’d recommend you add it to your reading list. I find it often sparks my thoughts and leads to insights into interesting topics and new people to connect with, and that can never be a bad thing!