Secrets of a Happiness Guru


Secrets of a Happiness Guru

“Dull, lifeless meetings are just a waste of time and rarely achieve anything let alone engaged and happy employees.”

Does that ring a bell? Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Inside, the sector group for internal communication professionals is hosting an Ask the Guru event focusing on this exact topic.

MichelleA lady with the best job title I’ve seen for a while, Happiness Guru Michelle Hawkins (pictured), will be guiding IC pros through how to achieve great employee engagement during your meetings and presentations so that you get results.

She says: “Simple aspects, that are so often taken for granted, can make a big difference. We’ll be using ‘brain based principles’ and looking at aspects like room set up, surroundings and other tools so you can make sure you grab your audience’s attention, get them involved and participating in your ‘event’, and of course get their commitment.”

The practical and informal session will enable IC pros to experience some of these principles first hand and discuss how you might put them into action.

HappyKatie Marlow from CIPR Inside said: “Michelle looks at using the science behind human happiness and emotion to make employee experiences more engaging, positive and memorable. And because we are physiologically wired to repeat what makes us happy, this can give Internal Communicators an unbeatable emotional advantage. Learn how to apply this science to make life at work more engaging, positive and memorable for staff. And, in turn, create a great impact on the business’ bottom line.”

To find out more about Michelle see her website or find her on Twitter @thehappydodo.

Her website is packed full of fun facts and information, including the Prezi below, an article on Why happy employees = happy customershappiness = efficiency and How to deal with stress:

The small print
The Ask A Guru event is taking place on 18 June at RIBA London, from 6.30-8.30pm. Attending will earn you five Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points if you are a CIPR member and promises to “give you practical insights to take back to your work and make a difference immediately.”

Tea, coffee and cookies will be provided and there is a licensed bar on the premises for anyone who’d like to grab a drink before or after the event. It costs £15 for CIPR members, and £20 for non-members. Book your place today.

To find out more about CIPR Inside, see the website and for more information about other events for IC pros, check out the comms calendar from @theICcrowd.

Have you heard of an event you think other readers of my blog would be interested in knowing about? Do tweet me @AllthingsIC or feel free to comment below.

Post author: Rachel Miller


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