IC has a seat at the table


IC has a seat at the table

I’m proud to say that I can now share the news with you that I’ve joined the Social Media Panel of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

It is described by CIPR as “One of the Public Relations industry’s most progressive groups in digital and social media communication.” I’m looking forward to working alongside the other members in this voluntary role to ensure that internal communication has a seat at the table.

The links between internal communication (IC) and social media have never been stronger, and I intend to represent IC in this forum to benefit us all. If you have any particular topics you would like me to raise, do get in touch. You can see the types of work the panel gets involved with below.

I’ve already had the pleasure of working alongside the panel as we wrote the best-selling book Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals last year. My chapter was Employee Engagement: How Social Media Are Changing Internal Communication. That pleasure has been repeated, as Share This Too is underway and due out this year. My chapter focuses on Using Social Media for Corporate Communication.

The photo on this page was taken at the book launch last Summer at Google’s campus in London and features most of the panel (I’m front left, and picture credit goes to fellow panel member Julio Romo).

Stephen Waddington MCIPR, CIPR board member and European Digital & Social Media Director at Ketchum has taken over the role of Chair of the Social Media Panel from Rob Brown FCIPR and Managing Partner of Rule 5.

There are three other new members alongside me. They are Matt Appleby FCIPR, Managing Director, Golley Slater PR Cardiff, Richard Bagnall MCIPR, Global Insights and Analytics Director, Gorkana Group and Chair of AMEC’s Social Media Measurement Group and Dan Tyte MCIPR, Executive Director, Working Word.

The panel was formed in 2010 and has developed industry-leading guidance and events including:

The panel members are:
Chair – Stephen Waddington MCIPR (@wadds)
Matt Appleby FCIPR (@mattappleby)
Richard Bagnall MCIPR (@richardbagnall)
Rob Brown FCIPR (@robbrown)
Stuart Bruce MCIPR (@stuartbruce)
Dominic Burch MCIPR (@dom_AsdaPR)
Simon Collister MCIPR (@simoncollister)
Russell Goldsmith MCIPR (@russgoldsmith)
Michelle Goodall MCIPR (@greenwellys)
Gemma Griffiths MCIPR (@gemgriff)
Katy Howell MCIPR (@katyhowell)
Garbielle Laine-Peters MCIPR (@gabrielleNYC)
Becky McMichael MCIPR (@bmcmichael)
Rachel Miller MCIPR (@AllThingsIC)
Mark Pack MCIPR (@markpack)
Julio Romo MCIPR (@twofourseven)
Philip Sheldrake MCIPR (@sheldrake)
Andrew Smith MCIPR (@andismit)
Dan Tyte MCIPR (@dantyte)
Robin Wilson MCIPR (@robin1966)

The panel regularly posts information and links on Twitter with the hashtag #CIPRsm and it’s one of my regular searches to keep updated with the latest news and views. You’re welcome to do the same and to mark your content using it if you have info you think members would be interested in reading.

To answer questions from regular blog readers who have spotted changes to my biog and LinkedIn, I will be revealing more information about my own business, All Things IC in the near future. You’re in the right place to find out more.

Thank you for stopping by, Rachel

Post author: Rachel Miller


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4  responses on IC has a seat at the table

Congratulations Rachel, great to know that IC will be so ably represented on the panel!

Ace news! Great work Rachel.

  • Sarah Hodges

  • 6 March 2013 at 11:56 am

Great news Rachel! What an exciting time ahead!

Thank you all very much for your kind comments, am looking forward to working with the other panel members, Rachel

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