What do communicators need to know about the UK’s decision to leave the EU?

What should we be communicating, when and what’s the next step?

Rachel MillerThis afternoon Chuck Gose @chuckgose, who is host of the popular internal comms podcast ICology @learnicology and I discussed all things comms, referendums and the US election.

We recorded our conversation as a special edition of his show.

You can hear what we talked about below and online.

Chuck said: “The UK’s vote to leave the EU will have a tremendous impact on the messages companies will be sending to employees. There’s a lot of unknown right now and employees will be looking to their leaders for answers. Internal communicators will have a huge role to play here.

“In this episode, Rachel Miller from All Things IC shares her insights as a Brit and a leader in the world of internal communications. She talks about the role of communicators during this crisis and the tone they need to set. This is a great learning lesson for US communicators as the Presidential election nears closer.”

Thanks for inviting me on Chuck, I enjoyed our conversation.

How are you communicating the UK’s decision? How is it affecting your internal comms? What messaging are you using?

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You can find the Simply-Communicate article and group I reference in the podcast on their website.

I also recommend reading Stuart Bruce’s article: 12 immediate actions for PR, corporate comms professionals..

27 June update: Further reading

Here are some additional articles and resources to help you. Credit to Judith Jones for collating these.:


Post author: Rachel Miller
First published on the All Things IC blog 24 June 2016.