Fancy speaking at the Intranet Now conference?

Intranet Now

Fancy speaking at the Intranet Now conference?

Got a story to share with other communicators about the good, bad and ugly side of running your intranet? If you’ve always fancied speaking at a conference, but never given it a go, here’s your chance.

As a well-rounded internal communicator, you’re sure to be involved with digital and intranet communications.

The Intranet Now conference is about more than the underlying technology of the intranet; it’s about employee engagement, online comms, and the impact it creates for your organisation.

banner-conference-2016-intranet-now-webIf you’re an in-house internal comms practitioner with a good story to tell, why not step forward and share your experience with around 200 people in September.

Brian and Wedge, of Intranet Now, are looking for communicators to present their intranet / Enterprise Social Network comms tactics and strategies in short, sharp lightning talks.

They are especially keen to hear if your tactics had to change to suit the different people you serve, and how the intranet plays a key part in your engagement and comms activities.

IntranetNowThe attendees will be intranet and comms professionals. They’d love to understand how you adapt campaign or quotidian comms to your intranet’s limited or superb features.

If you can share mistakes or things to avoid, all the better.

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What is it?
Intranet Now is a dynamic full-day conference; not only will you take centre stage in the morning or early afternoon, but you’re also invited to facilitate table discussions, al a ‘World Café’ in the late afternoon.

This gives people the opportunity to share their own challenges, share their successes, and ask you for tips.

The conference is on 30 September 2016, in London, and of course you get free entry plus your travel expenses.

To discuss your talk’s topic, please email – and join 20 others on the agenda.

You can see pictures from last year’s event below and follow them on Twitter @IntranetNow. See the Intranet Now website for full information.

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Post author: Rachel Miller

First published on the All Things IC blog 15 April 2016.


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