It’s a blog’s life…


It’s a blog’s life…

One of best outcomes of having my blog is the people who get in touch as a result of what they’ve read, and the interesting conversations and thoughts it sparks.

Over the past fortnight a number of things have happened which has opened up the world of Internal Comms even more to me and I thought I’d share them with you. On an average month there are usually 2,500 hits from comms professionals around the world, but this has spiked recently to equal 10,000 a month! I’m delighted that more people are discovering my blog and wanting to connect and communicate to discuss all things Internal Comms related.

Connecting Communicators
My ‘What I do’ meme for Internal/Corporate Communicators was featured by on their homepage, Internal Comms and HR sections plus their Facebook page. This led to a flurry of activity on my blog and people from around the Globe sending me messages and getting in touch.

It really appears to have resonated with the comms community and I’ve been asked by numerous people if they can feature it on their websites/noticeboards and share it with their in-house teams. Requests included a group of healthcare professionals in America and I even discovered another Rachel Miller working in Internal Comms, also based in the US, who got in touch to say hello.

International Women’s Day and a surprise accolade
Last week was International Women’s Day and I was delighted to discover that my blog has been included in a list of ‘Top UK Female Bloggers.” This led to more emails and messages from people I haven’t come across before including M3, Marketing Media Mums – a not for profit network that provides events and networking opportunities for mums in corporate roles within the marketing and media industries.

‘Things we like’ – Aspic Quarterly
The latest issue of Aspic Quarterly, an e-zine from Sequel Group was published and also highlighted my Internal Comms meme under their ‘Things we like’ page. You can read the e-zine via their LinkedIn group here.

Inside Out
The Institute of Internal Comms (IoIC) published their latest edition of Inside Out, their member magazine and included a whole page feature on Diary of an internal communicator. I had a chat with them a couple of months ago and found it interesting to think back to what I was trying to achieve when I originally set this blog up and how it has developed over time. You can read the whole article here.

And finally…
One of the questions I’m often asked is why I blog and how I find the time. The answer is that I make the time as I get so much from it. I love learning new things and sharing them to help other people. I enjoy mentoring Comms professionals and certainly would have found a site like mine useful a few years back.

However despite all the positive feedback (which is always welcome!) I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to improve my blog to ensure it is relevant to you, the readers. So if you have any ideas about what you would like me to feature, do let me know by commenting below or contact me:

Thanks as ever for stopping by.

Post author: Rachel Miller


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