It’s good to talk…


It’s good to talk…

I’ve just finished taking part in my first ever full #CommsChat on Twitter. I say full because I couldn’t log on until the end of a previous chat a while back, so this was the first time I have taken part for a whole session.

What is CommsChat? It is a weekly Twitter chat based out of the UK (20.00-21.00 GMT on Mondays). It is a way for people working in Communications and those with an interest in it to share ideas and thoughts via Twitter for an hour. You can find out more at

It is hosted by Adam Vincenzini (@AdamVincenzini) and Emily Leary (@EmLeary) and covers a wide range of topics including journalism, blogging, marketing, digital engagement, PR plus traditional and social media.

Tonight’s chat was hosted by Emily under the regular hashtag #CommsChat and profile @CommsChat. (If you don’t use Twitter, you identify people via their usernames and make contact directly using the ‘at’ symbol @. For example my profile is and to send me a message on Twitter you start your message with @rachallen. For a better description and to find out how Twitter works, see:

It’s good to talk comms
It was great to connect with people who are interested in the same things as me and to discover some new contacts. Tonight’s topic was… The opportunities and threats presented by the new darlings of social media. We looked at the new and emerging media platforms that are starting to make an impact.

The pace of change around new tools is staggering and we discussed Quora and GetGlue. I hadn’t heard of GetGlue before so hearing about another tool was useful and it was fascinating reading what people think of the latest shiny offerings that have emerged.

What did I take away from the experience? Connecting with new people was for me the best benefit, however there was also an article shared about how Harvard has teamed up with Foursquare for Collegiate check-ins which is a good read:

The questions asked during the chat are below. If you want to see a complete transcript, I believe it will be posted on the CommsChat website very soon:

Tonight’s CommsChat questions – you can view what Comms professionals gave as their answers by putting #CommsChat on Twitter or see their website for the full transcript.

Q1 Thinking about new SM platforms that are starting to make an impact, which have caught your eye as important for 2011?

Q1b And which if any do you think are just SM flashes in the pan, to be forgotten by February?

Q2 What’s the most important attribute of a new channel / network that helps it achieve traction? Which platforms exemplify that?

Q3 Can something niche like , focusing mainly on entertainment in the US, catch on in Europe?

Q4 Ok while we’re talking local, let’s talk Facebook Places – how has it performed so far? Where is it headed?

Q5 If the interest in Quora is sustained (and truly spreads beyond SM topics!), what will that mean for other channels?

Q6 Stirring…Are we heading into SM platform fatigue? We’ve seen so many rise and fall – do we need any more?

Q7 Any last thoughts as we head into the closing 5 mins? Predictions, worries, hopes for SM in 2011?

What are your thoughts around tools such as Quora? Have you given it a go? What did you think? Would love to hear your views. Until next time, Rachel.


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I joined in #CommsChat today for the first time and I was impressed with the quality of the discussion and the participants. What an excellent group! Thanks for taking the time to recap the topic and questions. Looking forward to the next chat.

Hi Rachel! You have an excelent blog, i loved it!

We both love internal comms, so I want to share u this ebook :Internal Comms 2.0: A Cultural Challenge (Free e-book)

Yo can download here:

Hope u like it!



  • Rachel

  • 7 February 2011 at 4:34 pm

Thanks Ale, your book looks great. Thank you for sharing with us, Rachel.

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