Busting through the comms jargon


Busting through the comms jargon

Going forward is your business dialling up and reaching out to your employees and chunking up its comms efforts?

Yuck, can’t believe I just wrote that!

The topic of jargon regularly crops up in comms circles and this week has been no exception. I tweeted I was on the lookout for examples and received some frankly shocking answers back. You can see them all below, thank you to everyone who contributed.

There are a number of articles on jargon that have been published over the past few weeks and I recommend reading if you’re keen to explore this topic more:

What about our own profession? There’s certainly a wealth of terminology around, from brown bags to cascades and all-hands, the list is seemingly endless.

With that in mind, I recently created a glossary of internal communication to clarify some of the phrases that are regularly used.

You can see it here.

The glossary is a work in progress, do please let me know if you have any suggestions of words and phrases you’d like me to add or define. You can tweet me @AllthingsIC or comment below.

Know any other examples? Do please let me know.

Brace yourself…
















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