I’ve been out and about a fair bit this week talking to employees and have also visited two previous companies I worked at. It’s always strange to go back to organisations you were part of, but is lovely to see familiar faces and catch up on all the latest news. I’ve been working with them to investigate intranets and to create an organisational chart to include in my next employee magazine.

On Monday I met one of the Police Sergeants responsible for coordinating TravelSafe Officers on our trains to interview her for our magazine. It was fantastic to hear her story and for me to get a better understanding of their role.

I introduced a weekly newsletter a few weeks ago to help boost the frequency of our internal communications. I’ve been seeing a steady increase in the number of employees contacting me with story ideas and wanting to know how to publicise what they’re working on. This is really encouraging and reinforces my decision to create the newsletter. I’m particularly pleased when people send me photos of trains, stations or their teams accompanied by a one line email or short voicemail with the nugget of an idea. They can see the potential stories and want to gauge my opinion and reaction in determining how best to communicate their news. Brilliant, more of the same please!

This week I signed up for a free eventtaking place next month in London that is bringing together communications professionals from lots of organisations under the title of ‘New Brand Tribalism’. Looks like an intriguing concept and from the email I received today, I think it will be a good opportunity to share ideas and meet with comms professionals from interesting companies. Will let you know how it goes.

How’s your week been so far?