Over the past few days I have read a number of blog posts about whether or not email is dead, and it is sparking interesting debates in the Comms community.

If you want to see what is being said, check out Jon Weedon’s (@J0n1)  article on his blog here and Luke Dodd (@lukeatmelcrum) from Melcrum’s thoughts on the subject via the Internal Comms hub. You can leave your comments under both of them.

Other interesting articles I have read include a fascinating comparison of Berlin and Melbourne from an internal comms point of view, which you can read here.

Have you read anything good lately? If you’ve come across something you think other Comms professionals would like to read, do share it here.

Reading lists
I’ve been asked a few times this week to recommend books on Internal Comms and Social Media by students who are studying the topics and want to know where to start. Over the past few years I have put together reading lists on Amazon, which you can see below. After discovering From Lincoln to LinkedIn the other week I’d add that in too. I’ll probably collate another one in the near future as I’ve read a fair bit recently. But to get you started, I’d recommend: 

Internal Comms must reads

Internal Comms and Social Media (list first published 2009)

Happy reading!

Post author: Rachel.