Every week I’m contacted by professional communicators who are on the hunt for a new role or who are recruiting and wondering if I’ve heard of anyone who is on the lookout.

Over the years I’ve introduced numerous people to each other, which has led to successful placements and job offers for the people involved. It’s very much an example of ‘who you know’ as much as ‘what you know,’ as personal recommendations and lack of recruiting/advertising budgets doesn’t mean there’s not an appetite to find the right person .

I set up a jobs page on my blog a few months back and this week have added some of the roles I’ve heard about.

They are all directly from the companies themselves and there are some juicy ones around at the moment.

You can view the page here, but a sample are:

Best of luck if you’re applying for a new role.

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Post author: Rachel Miller

First published: 18 July 2014.