The world’s most significant brands?


The world’s most significant brands?

What are your most significant brands? The ones you couldn’t live without and would miss if they disappeared tomorrow?

I live in a house powered by technology. The Internet of Things is alive and well in the Miller household due to the geekiness of my husband and I.

So for me, Apple plays a key part in how we operate as a family – from dimming the lights in our twins and toddler’s rooms, to changing the TV channel or ordering the weekly grocery shop, our Apple Watches have integrated into daily life.

I read an article on LinkedIn yesterday by Jeremy Waite @jeremywaite, Head of digital strategy EMEA at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, looking at significant brands. It made me think.

JeremyWaite_bookI’m currently reading his new book, From Survival to Significance, which I’ll be writing about in the near future on my blog.

After reading his article on LinkedIn it got me thinking about the brands I regularly interact with, buy from and feel favourably toward.

It’s a mixed bunch, from Lego to Cath Kidston, Ford to Oliver Bonas and Huggies to Twitter.

I value them for different reasons – from keeping my children clean (thanks Huggies) to finding gifts for friends (thanks Cath Kidston and Oliver Bonas), they are just some of my go-to brands.

According to Harvard research, 23% of consumers believe that they have a relationship with a brand. Which leaves 77% of consumers who say they don’t want brand relationships.

Jeremy Waite says: “A significant brand is a rare breed. Not many of them exist in this world, but when you meet one you soon know about it. Becoming one does not require luck, timing or large advertising budgets.

“Significant brands simply value their customers more than themselves, and they are willing to do the things that other brands don’t do.” Tweet this.
Brands Back in February I wrote about Brand Finances’ report that highlighted how Lego had beaten Apple as the world’s most powerful brand.

There are various studies around, and in his LinkedIn article, Jeremy looks at three of them and how much they vary.

What are your significant brands?

Jeremy has published a SlideShare of “Significant Brands” – and says he didn’t produce as a ranking table, but to spark a debate.

The brands he has listed are significant to him because of what they stand for, not how much money they have made. They are companies whose intentions lie beyond profits as they want to make them with purpose.

Significant brands stand for something larger than themselves and inspire and add value to the lives of everyone they touch. After all, isn’t that the real purpose of business… To not just make a profit, but to make a profit that has a purpose? (Tweet this)

In a move echoing this sentiment, From Survival To Significance is donating all profits from the book sales to, which allows five primary school children to learn an hour of coding and computer science for each book sold.

Below you can see Jeremy’s top 25 most #SignificantBrands, and the reasons why he thinks they are significant.

What would make your list?

As ever you’re welcome to comment below, or Tweet me @AllthingsIC.

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The World’s Most Significant Brands? from Jeremy Waite
Post author: Rachel Miller
First published on All Things IC blog 1 June 2015.


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