The evolution of social media


The evolution of social media

How many social networks do you know? How do you keep up-to-date with the choices that are available and more importantly, choose what’s right for your organisation?

Over the past week I’ve been talking with corporate communicators about exactly this topic. I was invited to be a guest speaker on social media at the brand new Internal Communication Management Masters (MA) course, run by Kingston University and Capita in London.

I had the pleasure of meeting in real life communicators that I have tweeted with, many of whom have been in contact as they’ve been researching all things internal communication related and have been rummaging through my blog archive.

Conversation PrismAmong the many resources I shared with the class was Brian Solis’ @briansolis, Conversation Prism (pictured). I’ve featured the prism on my blog since 2009, and it’s been fascinating to see it develop over time.

Today I was sent a link to a brand new infographic by Prohibition PR, that you can view below or via my social media Pinterest board.

It plots the evolution of social media, and despite only being published in the past few days and we’re fresh into the year, it could already have a 2014 branch included to include Jelly. (Has anyone tried Jelly? What do you think? Do comment below or Tweet me @AllthingsIC to let me know what you make of it).

It reminded me of a book I’m currently reading (I have three on the go!) by Digital Editor of The Economist Tom Standage @tomstandage, called Writing on the Wall: Social Media – The First 2,000 Years.

I’ll write a proper review once I’ve finished it, but I’m enjoying it so far. I heard Tom speak at the Share This Too conference I spoke at at Microsoft in London last year and it’s a great read that underlines the fact the way people communicate hasn’t changed, just the tools and techniques we’re using have adapted and evolved over time.

If you want to read more from Prohibition PR who created the infographic on this page, see their Top 10 Game Changers In Social Media article.

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Social Media Timeline
Courtesy of: Prohibition


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Thanks for featuring our timeline Rachel. I was in that lecture of Tom’s in fact I was sat next to you if I remember rightly. He was brilliant. I would love to hear his thoughts.

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