Social media around the world 2011


Social media around the world 2011

A global social media study has taken place and the results were released today. If you are a comms student looking for facts and figures on social media for your research, this could be the place for you. Simply click on the image to view the presentation.

What can you expect?
The presentation is 167 slides long and packed full of interesting titbits including >1000 facts and figures about social media in more than 30 countries and covers topics such as main adoption and use, role of employees in using social media and much more.

It has been published by Prof Steven Van Belleghem, Managing Partner of  Insites Consulting (@steven_insites). The study targeted 9027 consumers aged 15+ across 35 countries. After reading through I thought I’d highlight some of the stats that I found interesting. You can find much more in Steven’s presentation but my personal favourites are:

  • Two out of three employees say they are proud about their employer, but only 19% share stories on social media
  • On average, people install 25 applications (apps) on their smartphone but only use 12 (so true!) and the most used are social network apps
  • 98% of Europeans are aware of social media and 73% of Europeans are a member of at least one social network
  • There are seven billion people in the world, two billion internet users in the world and >one billion social network users
  • One third of European social networkers are blocked by their employer to have access to social network sites at work
  • Smartphone users expect more conversations and collaborations with brands
  • Only 4% of smartphone users make use of augmented reality.

The augmented reality stat surprised me. I was introduced to augmented reality apps by my husband last year (my personal IT guru) and they are fabulous. Two I recommend are Yelp to find restaurants, and for Londoners, Nearest Tube does what it says on the tin – it shows you the nearest Tube station. I’ve linked YouTube demo videos to their names so you can see for yourself.

Have you come across some research or insights on internal comms or social media that it would be good to share? You’re welcome to comment below or contact me:

If you’re a Kingston University student studying for the current Internal Communications Management postgraduate diploma, do join the alumni I’ve created on LinkedIn as a way for comms professionals to keep in touch, and best of luck with your studies.  

Post author: Rachel.


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