Day 24: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We're just hours away from Father Christmas visiting and my household celebrating my twin sons' second birthdays on 25 December. It's been a significant year for many reasons and as my Countdown to Christmas draws to a close, I'd like to wish my clients, contacts and readers a very Happy Chris[...]

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Day 23: How to communicate with the Queen

This year Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II turned 90-years-old. From the gorgeous Annie Leibovitz photographs, to celebratory paraphernalia and specialist edition newspapers, it's been a big deal here in the UK. Today's Countdown to Christmas features London-based strategic communications consulta[...]

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Day 22: How Co-op communicates with offline employees

How can you reach offline employees and ensure your company's communication efforts are open and accessible to all? This week Co-op joined the likes of Tesco, Asda, Heineken, National Grid and Royal Mail in providing an online site for their employees to access publicly, with the launch of coop[...]

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Day 21: Things I wish I’d known…

What do you wish you'd known about working in internal communication before you started? What's the biggest lesson you've learnt in your career? It's never too late to adjust your thinking, learn from mistakes, try something new and experiment. Today's guest post as part of my Countdown to Ch[...]

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Day 20: The times they are a changin’

It seems the only thing guaranteed in business nowadays is change.  Change to attract new talent. Change to retain it.  Change to keep up with competition. Change to stay ahead. Today's Countdown to Christmas guest article was written by Laura James (pictured). With eight years’ experienc[...]

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Day 19: Free #PR2017 insights and trends guide

What will be the key trends, issues and opportunities impacting internal communication in 2017? Alas, the illusive comms crystal ball hasn't been created. Yet. However, today's Countdown to Christmas features #PR2017 - a new free 25-page guide from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations [...]

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Day 17 and 18: How not to run a conference

Employee conferences can be a fantastic way to get your workforce motivated, inspired and ready to help your organisation achieve its goals. Or they can be a cringe-worthy attempt at enforced fun, death by PowerPoint and achingly painful to witness. How do you do yours? Today's Countdown t[...]

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Day 16: Test your IC digital maturity

The commsbots are here. Stay tuned for more info to discover your IC digital maturity and how to create your own comms bot. At The Big Yak unconference in September, I caught up with my super smart friend Tony Stewart, (pictured) Head of Digital at Scarlettabbott. During the buzz of the day he[...]

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Day 15: Key Digital Trends you need to know for 2017

Today's Countdown to Christmas article features the Ogilvy Key Digital Trends for 2017. This yearly trend report is a must-read and is published by two of Ogilvy's digital and innovation leaders, Marshall Manson @Marshallmanson (pictured top) and James Whatley @Whatleydude. The 89-slide repor[...]

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Day 14: How to use Yammer for Business Continuity Planning

Picture the scene: high summer, after a month of false starts and grey skies, finally reaches Oxford. With the temperature outside reaching 28°C, the air conditioning unit in a main server room fails. What do you do? That's the situation Oxford University Press faced earlier this year. I'm r[...]

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Day 13: Taking internal comms out of its comfort zone

What channels do you use for your internal communication? Is the prospect of internal comms (IC) leaking externally viewed as a risk by your senior stakeholders? Is your internal communications strategy only engaging small pockets of your total employee base? Laura Jameson, (pictured), Dire[...]

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Day 12: Stocking fillers for shoestring communicators

“We don’t have the budget. We don’t have the tools. That software’s blocked by IT. But I can’t do graphic design.” Does this sound familiar? Today I'm delighted to introduce you to professional communicator Andrew Plender @Aplender_comms. He's worked in organisations where all [...]

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