The world’s most meaningful brands 2017

Consumers wouldn't care if 74% of the brands they use just disappeared, and 60% of content produced by brands is declared as poor, irrelevant or failing to deliver. These findings form part of Havas Group's biennial Meaningful Brands® study, which is packed full of useful information for commu[...]

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Day four: ODEON’s employer brand strategy

Developing and protecting an organisation’s reputation as an employer is important, not only to attract and retain employees, but for a company's efficiency, brand value and sustainability. On Tuesday 6 December I'll be attending the Employer Brand Management conference in London to hear the la[...]

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How to learn about employer brand management

Investing in a good employer brand means investing in a good reputation. But in times of change a company's reputation and, in turn, its employer brand faces pressures and stress. Do we know enough in internal comms about the topic? I think the short answer is no. Today I've news of a conference [...]

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How UKTV launched its company purpose

This summer, UKTV launched its new company purpose to colleagues with a beautiful animation. Soraya Shaboon, UKTV’s Internal Communications Manager is here to tell All Things IC readers the story behind the project. Over to you Soraya... How UKTV launched its company purpose Barely a d[...]

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The inside story of Loughborough’s sporting triumphs

FACT: If Loughborough was a country it would have finished The Games in 17th place on the medal table, ahead of the likes of New Zealand and Canada. Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement at Loughborough University is here to share the inside story of their current campaign. Emma @[...]

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Why the Co-op has had a retro rebrand

Yesterday I went into my local Co-operative store in West London and stopped in my tracks. Facing me was a tote bag with the Co-op's new brand. Or to be accurate, their old brand. It brought back memories of my Grandma's house with her never-ending biscuit supply, and the price stickers on my[...]

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How employee advocacy works using social media

What's the impact of employee advocacy and what relevance does it have today? What type of information do employees share about their companies via social media? What do you need to know about this whole topic? A brand new report from the smart people at Altimeter @Altimetergroup, is hot off the [...]

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How to develop social storylines

Are you a generalist or a specialist when it comes to communication? According to Public Relations firm Edelman, one of the most profound trends of the last decade is the specialisation of the marketing workforce. According to Steve Rubel, Edelman's Chief Content Strategist, we need to become S[...]

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How to un-brand an organisation

How do you un-brand a company and provide a nod to its heritage at the same time? A train operator here in the UK, First Group, has just announced it is readopting the historical name Great Western Railway, which was first used in the 1830s. My new office is based at Paddington Station in Lo[...]

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A Googley way to design a logo

This morning my three-year-old daughter showed me how she can find videos of Disney's Sleeping Beauty by using the Google voice search function on YouTube. I sat on her bed and watched Aurora appear on the screen. She proudly turned to me and said: "ta-da mummy, see - she's in there". I was tr[...]

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How to keep your brand promises internally

A brand is a promise. In practice, it’s about creating a true impression of what a company stands for, and then delivering on what you say you’ll do – without fail. The loftier the promise, the higher the stakes when you break it. I'm fascinated by how companies communicate and, importa[...]

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How Minion Yellow is illuminating colour palettes

I find colour evocative. It provokes strong memories and attachments and sparks my creativity. I've blogged before about how I use Pinterest to ignite my thoughts through visuals. Teal features across my blog and as the predominant colour of the All Things IC logo. It also reminds me of my brid[...]

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