Trust has imploded. Here’s what you need to know…

It has been a year of unimaginable upheaval. Trust has been so corroded that we now trust leaked information much more than traditional news sources; and algorithms over human editors. Trust is in crisis around the world, we have media echo chambers, widespread mistrust in leaders and a lack o[...]

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Day 20: The times they are a changin’

It seems the only thing guaranteed in business nowadays is change.  Change to attract new talent. Change to retain it.  Change to keep up with competition. Change to stay ahead. Today's Countdown to Christmas guest article was written by Laura James (pictured). With eight years’ experienc[...]

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Thoughts on independence

This week is a key one for Scotland as a referendum is taking place tomorrow on independence. Scottish residents are being asked to vote yes or no to a proposal and the question is: "Should Scotland be an independent country?" Comms pro Keith Lams takes a look at what communicators can learn fro[...]

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How comms pros can maximise maternity leave

How can professional communicators plan their maternity leave and what advice and guidance exists to help them make decisions? As mum to a two-year-old daughter and preparing to give birth to twins at the end of the year, my thoughts are inevitably turning to managing my business and existing cli[...]

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Changing behaviour for better business

Changing behaviour is at the heart of everything we do in internal communication. As professional communicators we help the businesses and organisations that we work with to achieve their aims and work more effectively, efficiently, safely, truthfully and responsibly. It’s making those connecti[...]

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Listen to episode seven of my IC podcast

Welcome to episode seven of FIR presents All Things IC with Rachel Miller. On the last Tuesday of each month I publish a podcast focusing on internal communication as part of the For Immediate Release (FIR) podcast network. Based on feedback from IC pros, I record 20-30 minutes of content each m[...]

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Communicating change at Westminster City Council

How do you communicate change in your organisation? What have you learned from change comms campaigns in your current or previous role and what top tips would you pass on to other communicators? Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at IC Excellence in front of 200 Government communicators he[...]

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Recommended IC reads on World Book Day

My Facebook newsfeed has been full of children dressed up as weird and wonderful characters today in celebration of World Book Day. I sent my daughter to nursery today clutching a bag of gingerbread and wearing a party frock in an attempt to be Gretel from Hansel and Gretel (note to self - always[...]

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Can you start a movement in three mins?

How many people does it take to start a movement? What impact can one leader have in your organisation? Can you start a movement in three minutes? This piece of film has been around for a number of years, I first saw it in 2009 and rediscovered it today via Ideapod @ideas. Some commenta[...]

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The importance of trust in organisations

There is now the largest ever gap between trust in business and government. This is just one of the findings from the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer which was released today. It is the firm’s 14th annual exploration of trust with 33,000 people being surveyed in 27 markets around the world on t[...]

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Countdown to Christmas: Day 13

To mark Advent and celebrate success in the world of internal communication, I’m highlighting a story a day by internal communicators via my blog in a countdown to Christmas. Every day until 24 December I am sharing the thoughts of IC pros who have written guest articles, with the final one goi[...]

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How TfL is communicating 24 hour Tube changes internally

News has been breaking today about proposals from Transport for London (TfL) to run the Tube for 24 hours at weekends from 2015, but how has it been communicated internally? As a Londoner myself, and ex-rail employee, I'm interested in the news because it will affect me directly and bring signifi[...]

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