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Day 22: How Co-op communicates with offline employees

How can you reach offline employees and ensure your company's communication efforts are open and accessible to all? This week Co-op joined the likes of Tesco, Asda, Heineken, National Grid and Royal Mail in providing an online site for their employees to access publicly, with the launch of coop[...]

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How to use video effectively for internal comms

How are you using video in your organisation? Want to know how to use it better? You're in the right place as I've interviewed Sam Howson from Terra Firma Pictures to discover from a professional what we need to know. He's shared what to avoid, what to try and the importance of starting. I've[...]

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What Brexit means for IC pros

As the Brexit dust slowly begins to settle here in the UK, after what has clearly been a surprise to most and a shock to many, the role of the internal communicator is arguably more important than ever. Says who? Well today Gatehouse Group is publishing a special edition of its State of the Secto[...]

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How Asda is building a diverse and inclusive culture

Following the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) last month, Asda has produced a digital guide featuring colleagues sharing their experiences and advice. This is an excellent idea. We all know the power of peer-to-peer communication, and I think The Asda Pri[...]

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How not to run a conference

Employee conferences can be a fantastic way to get your workforce motivated, inspired and ready to help your organisation achieve its goals. Or they can be a cringe-worthy attempt at enforced fun, death by PowerPoint and achingly painful to witness. How do you do yours? I recently received[...]

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Sign up to learn about internal communication

All Things IC consultancy is proud to offer professional communicators the chance to sign up for Masterclasses. These one-day courses have been designed to help you achieve communication excellence through face-to-face learning. I'm excited to launch the Masterclasses and would like to thank [...]

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How ODEON designed its employer brand strategy

Congratulations to the winners of this week's inaugural Employer Brand Management Awards. The Grand Prix award went to ODEON and Synergy Creative for "redefining its employer brand strategy and creating immersive experiences for staff to foster a stronger sense of community and fun within the[...]

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Thoughts on BHS and how to communicate in a crisis

Today one of Britain's iconic High Street chains, British Home Stores (BHS) went into administration, putting 8,000 employees, 3,000 contractors and 164 stores at risk. The potential loss of employment, particularly on that scale, is never a situation anyone wants to experience, and my thoughts[...]

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Mind the comms skills gaps…

How are your crisis comms skills? What about public affairs? These areas are the top skills gaps identified by professional communicators in PR Academy's latest annual trends survey. They've just released their findings and I'm not surprised by the results. They show digital communication/social [...]

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A journalist’s view on internal vs external comms

What do journalists think of the perceived divide between internal and external communication? Is there really a gap any more? This topic is discussed constantly by my peers, I blogged recently to ask whether comms pros have the right skills to do their jobs as a result. I'd like to introduce [...]

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How to make your annual report a tempting treat

It’s a fact: annual reports don’t have to be boring. Are yours? What did your last one look like? I've got a visual treat for you today thanks to the smart people at Alive with Ideas. They've created an infographic to give you some ideas to help sweeten them up, add some fizz and bring tho[...]

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The rise of wonky comms…

There's a demand in the UK right now to buy ugly fruit and vegetables. Once the fodder of landfill or soups, consumers are demanding more from supermarkets. They've been dubbed "wonky veg," and apart from having to type that phrase incredibly carefully, I think there's a market for wonky comms. [...]

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