What’s on this week for comms pros

How can you engage people in a disengaged world? That's the topic of the upcoming BledCom symposium, which is just one of the events taking place for professional communicators over the next 10 days. BledCom is the annual gathering of scholars and practitioners in public relations and related[...]

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What my four-year-old taught me about voting today

This morning we had the usual medley of noise in our household as my husband and I dashed about organising ourselves, our one-year-old twin sons and four-year-old. But today's routine was slightly different as both Jon and I were taking our daughter to nursery via the polling station. It's EU [...]

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The secret diary of a senior communicator

What do other departments think of Comms teams and pros? What are you really thinking when talking with your stakeholders? Today I've got a treat for you - a senior communicator has written to share the reality of her working life behind the closed doors of a large corporation. She's requested[...]

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What it takes to launch a new intranet conference

There isn’t an independent intranet conference in the UK. If willing to travel, you can have your pick of annual intranet events across Europe, but there’s little for the intranet manager at home. That could all change, says @Wedge, (pictured) if you’re ready to support a grass-roots initia[...]

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Episode five of my internal comms podcast is now live

The fourth SMiLE London – conference on Social Media in the Large Enterprise by simply-communicate (@simplycomm) – was held on March 17th. More than 200 delegates gathered at the prestigious St Paul’s Etc venues to hear some of the best ESNs stories. More than 2,000 tweets were shared on Twitter.

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Your name here?

Over the years I have published around 100 articles from comms pros on my blog, featuring their thoughts on comms books, career advice, initiatives at their workplace and much more. There are lots of smart people working in comms and I'm proud to highlight some of the good work that is taking pl[...]

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Inspiring intranets are go!

What does your intranet look like? Are you proud of it or frustrated by the content? Where can you get some fresh ideas and insight and be rewarded for your efforts?Today I'm delighted to welcome Steve Bynghall @bynghall, who has written a guest article for my blog on all things intranet related. [...]

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From BBC to IC… an insider’s view

How did you start your career and what led you to internal communication (IC)? The path is often a varied one, but a popular route for comms pros is from journalistic backgrounds, as I did. When I heard that British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) broadcast journalist Mike Ramsden had made the move, I [...]

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Internal communication is not a haphazard destination

“The influx of social media and the erosion of trust in politics and the media alike means that we’re working with savvier consumers of communication than ever before. Internal communication (IC) and its importance are elevated beyond recognition and, as practitioners, we’ve got to keep pace.[...]

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Internal Comms pros invited to tune in

Happy New Year everyone, I hope the past few weeks were full of fun and you’re now raring to go for the year ahead. One of my personal highlights from 2012, apart from giving birth to my daughter, was co-founding The IC Crowd community alongside my friends and fellow in-house comms pros Jenni Whel[...]

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The impact of internal comms in 2012

So this is Christmas, and what you have you done? I’m not going to get any more of the John Lennon song in your head as there are enough festive songs around at the moment to last us a lifetime... Grab a cuppa and join me on a short journey through what impacted the world of internal communication[...]

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Engaging workplaces for a sustainable future

On Monday scores of people working on and interested in employee engagement came together for an Engage for Success conference called Engaging Workplaces for a Sustainable Future. The event aimed to bring together practitioners, policymakers and academics to debate and discuss how employee engagem[...]

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