Secret diary of a Comms Director…

"I am not an HR professional and I don't want to be. I am a communications professional and as such I align myself with the world of PR not HR. "But I am increasingly seeing HR professionals assuming they are also communications professionals and this is dangerous to confuse." Today I have a g[...]

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Could you help promote a human workplace?

We spend 32 per cent of our lives at work. How does your workplace make that time meaningful, gainful and enjoyable? As life evolves we all inevitably experience life changing events like losing loved ones, illness and difficult times. What processes do you have in place to support your emplo[...]

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All you need to know to develop your IC career

Are you looking to make your next career move within the world of corporate communication? Every week I am contacted by professionals who are on the hunt for a new role, want to know what events are on, find courses to attend or books to read. There are 1000 articles on this blog packed with a[...]

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How Coca-Cola shared a Coke with its employees

An external marketing campaign can be a great chance to get employees closer to customers as well as enhance brand loyalty internally. Aligning your internal and external communication and activities can have huge impact, but how does it work in reality? The Share a Coke campaign has been everyw[...]

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Whose comms is it anyway?

Around 100 professional communicators gathered in London 17-18 April 2013 for Melcrum’s Digital Communication Summit #melcrumdcs.

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Why organisations need to live their values

Does your organisation live by its values? Are they relevant to the day-to-day working lives of employees or are they paying lip service to an ideal world that is very far from your reality? Last week I saw on Twitter that a business breakfast was being held in London to discuss value based leade[...]

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A personal rejection boosts your brand reputation

What is your company’s policy on ‘rejection letters’ to let people know that they have been unsuccessful in their job applications? Do you use a standard template or take the time to personalise them? Today Michelle Walkden writes for Diary of an internal communicator from the perspective o[...]

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Using social media for learning

Following on from my article yesterday by leader Dean Royles on the value he places on social media, I was contacted by another senior manager with similar views, and thought I would share his thoughts with readers of Diary of an internal communicator. Perry Timms is Head of talent and organisat[...]

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What do social tools mean for Human Resources? (part two)

As promised, here is the second part of my update on the HR webcast that took place this week. The infographic on this page is from an article I read via Mashable looking at social demographics and who is using today's biggest networks. I thought it would be useful to highlight to provide conte[...]

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What do social tools mean for Human Resources? (part one)

Matthew Hanwell from Nokia speaking during the webcast Today I participated in a webcast organised by Personnel Today looking at Social media at work: What social tools mean for Human Resources (HR). It promised to not only examine the ‘ubiquitous question of whether HR should control employ[...]

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