How to use Twitter’s new emergency comms tool

During times of crisis, disaster or emergency, your choice of communication channel is key, and organisations can now benefit from a brand new Twitter function that was announced today. Organisations across the UK and Ireland have been signing up to use the new Twitter Alerts tool, which is avail[...]

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Using social media for learning

Following on from my article yesterday by leader Dean Royles on the value he places on social media, I was contacted by another senior manager with similar views, and thought I would share his thoughts with readers of Diary of an internal communicator. Perry Timms is Head of talent and organisat[...]

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Child’s play – communication at your fingertips

Today my husband Jon presented at Capgemini’s Futures Forum (#fow2011) on how he has been rolling out iPads at his work and finding new ways for employees to communicate. Our household combination of an IT Project Manager and professional communicator means we often have conversations about how[...]

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Do you know your SMS from your M&S?

Aspic seminar underway (pic credit: Sequel Group) “There is no new thing, there is just a new way of doing an existing thing”. This thought formed the opening of the latest Aspic Communications Cafe at the Soho Hotel in London this morning on the topic of ‘Harnessing the power of the mob[...]

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To tweet or not to tweet?

Yesterday’s Media Guardian featured a front page article about Twitter. Written by Charles Arthur, the story mulled over the past few weeks and how thousands of people have flocked to it and how it is now “fight or flight” for the site. What struck me was the box of statistics alongside the[...]

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The future’s bright, the future’s IC

This morning I joined around 15 other professional communicators for a research briefing session hosted by Melcrum in London called The Future of Internal Communications (IC). It was hosted by Aviva at their stunning offices in the City and apart from being wowed by the incredible view from the 2[...]

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Internal communications – the future

Next week Communicators in Business (CiB) will formally become the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC). As professional communicators look to the future, I was in touch with Sarah, my mentee, today and recommended she reads a book I came across last year while studying. It’s called Effectiv[...]

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A week of firsts…

This week has been a packed one with lots of highlights and firsts. I was the other side of the camera for a secret photo shoot (can tell you more in a few weeks) and met some really interesting people there. I went to my first station opening and my first batch of newly branded bits and bobs arr[...]

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Monday musings

This week I’m looking forward to the launch of Imperial Wharf station, which opened its doors on Sunday and is the latest to be added to the London Overground network. After what seems like an eternity, my personal mobile contract is nearing the end and I can upgrade to an iPhone, hurrah. It[...]

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