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Free report packed with global digital trends and stats

Every year the smart people at We Are Social @wearesocial produce a report covering internet use, social media, and mobile around the world. The latest Digital in 2017 Global Overview report has just been released. At 750 slides long, it's well worth a read and bookmarking for the future. Look[...]

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Get a reality check on fake news

The media is awash with stories mentioning fake news this week. What is it? How does it work, what do you need to know and how does it impact internal communication? Fake news is false information which has been crafted and shared, usually for a purpose. I've seen it described as active misinf[...]

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Day 15: Key Digital Trends you need to know for 2017

Today's Countdown to Christmas article features the Ogilvy Key Digital Trends for 2017. This yearly trend report is a must-read and is published by two of Ogilvy's digital and innovation leaders, Marshall Manson @Marshallmanson (pictured top) and James Whatley @Whatleydude. The 89-slide repor[...]

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How to learn about using Enterprise Social Networks

How are you getting on with your Enterprise Social Network? I've been writing about using social media for internal communication for the past seven years on my blog. Throughout that time I've shared hundreds of ideas, articles and guest posts to help you choose whether an ESN is right for you[...]

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Introducing Workplace by Facebook

Are you using Facebook at Work? Not in the traditional sense, in the new shiny Enterprise Social Network sense. I've been writing about their latest offerings since the start of the year. Now they've rebranded to Workplace (formerly known as Facebook at Work) and it's available to any compan[...]

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How to use Yammer for Business Continuity Planning

Picture the scene: high summer, after a month of false starts and grey skies, finally reaches Oxford. With the temperature outside reaching 28°C, the air conditioning unit in a main server room fails. What do you do? That's the situation Oxford University Press faced 10 days ago. Here John[...]

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New research highlights challenges to using ESNs

Fewer than 50 per cent of communicators believe the implementation of internal social media tools in their organisation has been successful. Does that include you? That's one of the findings from a new PR Academy survey of internal communication, PR and digital communication professionals ab[...]

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How an NHS Trust is encouraging social media use

"We trust our employees with patients' lives. Why wouldn't we trust them with social media?" I've shared this quote from Dean Royles, ex-Chief Executive of NHS Employers many times as it highlights the importance of trust in workplaces when it comes to social media. This week Barking, Haveri[...]

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How to work with bloggers

It’s a woman’s world: three-quarters of UK bloggers are women, and they’re talking a different language to brands, PRs and marketers, says the biggest ever survey of UK bloggers. Do you blog? If so, or you're looking for ways to develop relationships with bloggers, stay tuned. The most p[...]

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Fancy speaking at the Intranet Now conference?

Got a story to share with other communicators about the good, bad and ugly side of running your intranet? If you've always fancied speaking at a conference, but never given it a go, here's your chance. As a well-rounded internal communicator, you’re sure to be involved with digital and intrane[...]

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What’s on this week for comms pros

How do you overcome intercultural challenges when planning your internal communication? You've invited to the 38th Groucho Club networking and learning breakfast this week, where this topic will be examined. It's happening in London on Tuesday 12 April hosted by John Smythe and Engage for Change[...]

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The top 100 CEOs on social media

A whopping 61 per cent of Fortune 500 CEOs still have no social media presence at all. CEOs who are using social media prefer Twitter and LinkedIn as their channels of choice. Today the annual Top 100 CEOs on social media list has been published and it's no surprise to see Virgin's Richard Bra[...]

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