How to use Yammer for Business Continuity Planning

Picture the scene: high summer, after a month of false starts and grey skies, finally reaches Oxford. With the temperature outside reaching 28°C, the air conditioning unit in a main server room fails. What do you do? That's the situation Oxford University Press faced 10 days ago. Here John[...]

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Ideas to help you roll out and use Yammer

Are you preparing to launch, relaunch or refresh Yammer inside your organisation? How are you finding the world of enterprise social networks? If you would like a helping hand, you're in luck because Microsoft has just published a wealth of information. The guides are excellent and cover al[...]

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Countdown to Christmas: Day 15 – Yammer rules

Today's Countdown to Christmas is one of the most popular articles I published in 2015. It was written by Simon Steers and focuses on seven golden rules when using Yammer. This is day 15 of my Advent series, which means there are just 10 days until Christmas! Where does time go? I hope your plans[...]

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Discover the secrets of effective intranets

Every year the Intranet Innovation Awards celebrate new and innovative approaches for intranets, enterprise social networks (ESNs) and digital workplaces around the globe. What can we learn from the winning entries and what trends are emerging? What approach and designs are working well for organ[...]

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Seven golden rules when using Yammer

How can you ensure employees know the best way to use Yammer inside your organisation, and how can you create a digital workspace? I've been writing about Yammer and all things enterprise social network (ESN) related on my blog since 2009, and have shared hundreds of case studies, tips and ideas[...]

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Come and air your ESN successes and stresses

Who can you turn to in your contacts book to ask for confidential advice and guidance about all things enterprise social network (ESN) related? I regularly get emails from people asking for my opinion, but what if there was a whole room of your peers willing and able to share their stories? W[...]

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SMiLE and be ‘Appy – top tips from #SMiLElondon

Social Media inside the Large Enterprise by @simplycomm, part of Social Media Week London. Over 200 internal communicators joined the conference at the prestigious St Paul’s etc venue on 25th September. Many followed us virtually. The hashtag #SMiLELondon became trending topic in the UK.

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How the Commonwealth Games is using Yammer

How can you mobilise a troop of volunteers, ensure they have consistent information and involve them in a large-scale event such as the Commonwealth Games? You're in the right place to find out. This week a new Yammer case study has emerged and it features the sporting event, which is currently t[...]

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Selfies help fuel Yammer success at Sovereign

There are countless examples online of how organisations are using enterprise social networks inside their companies to bring about positive changes to the way they work. Over the years I've featured numerous stories and highlighted the good, bad and ugly of "internal social media," but today I'v[...]

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Listen to episode seven of my IC podcast

Welcome to episode seven of FIR presents All Things IC with Rachel Miller. On the last Tuesday of each month I publish a podcast focusing on internal communication as part of the For Immediate Release (FIR) podcast network. Based on feedback from IC pros, I record 20-30 minutes of content each m[...]

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Why failure is a good thing

On Saturday I joined 100 people who are interested in how companies work, for the first #responsiveorg unconference in London. There are many people around the world who are working to help organisations move away from an industrial command-and-control model, to one that can react the fastest to [...]

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Is Microsoft serious about going social with Yammer?

Every week I'm contacted by professional communicators who are looking into using enterprise social networks in their organisation. Many are just starting out on their journey, while others are a fair way down the line and after some advice and guidance. One of the most popular articles on my [...]

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