What are your rules when it comes to tweeting from your corporate account? Do you empower and equip your social media team to use their judgement and present themselves and the company in the best way, or do they have a stringent set of rules/guidance to follow?

Over the past few weeks there have been lots of examples of brands taking to social media using their corporate accounts to engage directly with customers in a cheeky/friendly way. For example I wrote about O2 last week and how they were using street slang on their tweets.

Tonight a conversation took place on Twitter between Tesco and O2‘s social media teams. Did you see it? It started with a tweet from @HoldmeBackBro who said: @UKTesco I swear you and @O2 should have some banter.

Tesco and O2 have a tweet-off
Over the course of the next three and a half hours, tweets were sent from both O2 and Tesco to each other. I have captured them via Storify and you can view the whole conversation below.

What’s your take on tweeting like this? Do you like it and think it adds to the perception of the companies or think it detracts from their image? Is it harmless fun which reveals the human side to large corporations or an irresponsible use of social media? Do let me know your thoughts by commenting below, Rachel.