The write stuff


The write stuff

BiroOver the past week I’ve really got back to my roots by spending a lot of time writing. I enjoy being able to express myself through words (a peek at artwork from my school days will testify my strength has never been drawings!) and I relish the challenge of turning technically complicated subjects into jargon-free prose.

There are certainly many opportunities to do this in my current role, I’ve been talking with lots of our employees this week to educate myself about our trains and ways of working. Turning fairly complex information into snappy stories for internal newsletters and briefings isn’t new to me but certainly keeps me on my toes and makes me constantly check for understanding.

As internal communicators, knowing our target audience are the subject matter experts on many technical aspects of our companies increases the need to pitch the articles and share information at the right level. I think there are always ways to improve what is produced and I’m glad to see employees are starting to use the feedback mechanisms I’ve put in place. This in turn is creating two-way conversations (and we all know how essential they are).

I’ve also been doing some external writing, including a guest blog spot on PR Media Blog on social media’s role in internal communication, an article for Melcrum’s Strategic Communication Management journal on professional development, and am working on a case study for a forthcoming book by social media guru (and personal hero of mine), Matthew Fraser.

This week I’ve also been preparing for my new team. From Monday I will have two young ladies working for me for a few months, so I’ve been making sure everything will be ready for them and am looking forward to having them on board.

How’s your week been so far?


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