The new year has just begun, with promises and pledges being made and fresh hopes for the future.

Throughout 2010 I was asked to recommend books on change, internal communications and social media and referred people to the list I created on Amazon.

Seeing as it is the new year, I’ve just created a fresh list which includes some old and new books I’ve read over the past year. This list focuses on internal communications, it touches on change, but the main focus is internal comms. Some are reference books that I dip in and out of and others are cover-to-cover types.

Alongside books such as these, I find it’s good to keep up-to-date by reading publications such as Communicate magazine and Strategic Communication Management (SCM). I hope you find this list useful if you are looking to update your bookshelf (or Kindle) with material to have to hand to refer to. Are there other books you think comms professionals should read? Why not leave a comment below or create your own Amazon list?

You can view my list here

Happy new year all, I look forward to our communications in 2011.