We all recognise the importance of meeting people face-to-face and last week I had the opportunity to do just that with lots of people I’m connected to via Twitter. I was invited to attend what was billed as “the first UK HR Tweet Up” (#ConnectingHR), an event organised by Courtenay HR and advertised via Twitter and LinkedIn. Its aim was to gather HR professionals and Communicators together to discuss all things social media and provide people with a chance to network.

It took place last Monday at the oddly named The Square Pig pub in Holborn, London, and was well attended. The room was packed with people all interested in cramming in as much knowledge (and arguably the free drink!) as possible during the session. @joningham and @garelaos hosted the event and the lively atmosphere generated some really interesting discussions. Highlights for me were chats with Abi Signorelli and Jon Weedon ‘in real life’ rather than virtually.

Another highlight was listening to an HR professional share their worries about social media (before confiding they had never actually used Twitter but ‘assume it is a negative thing’). I hope by the time they walked away I had removed some of the seeds of doubt. The key finding for me from the whole evening was amazement that people who haven’t tried something for themselves can form such strong views. I’d like to think I wouldn’t pass judgement on a car and ban it without taking it for a test drive first. It surprised me the amount of people with very strong views and concerns on social media tools, who hadn’t tested the water first themselves. I think events like this are a great idea to get those discussions and the creative juices flowing, so well done to Courtenay HR and I look forward to the next one.