This week I finished media training my Executive team thanks to another informative training session from MS&L. I found the whole experience really interesting and enjoyed working through the scenarios and seeing how people react under pressure and communicate when put under the glare of a camera and spotlight. I have to say I particularly relished my role as a journalist grilling the Exec during a mock press conference! Thanks to Verity Lowe and Paul Maguire from MS&L for their innovative and thought-provoking training.

Today we had our informal ‘coffee and cakes’ briefing at Overground House for the Directors to update employees on the past month, which then gets shared to the frontline via line managers. With such rapid change going on with new trains, stations, employees etc I think we could fill daily briefings. What do you find is the best way of guiding your employees through change? I’m using a range of communication channels and ensuring there are consistent messages in all of them. It’s not rocket science but extremely important as I want to ensure our employees are getting a constant flow of information and have the ability to feed back their views.

Last night one of our employees, Peter Stoneley, was highly commended at the London Transport Awards in the Frontline employee of the year category. This is such good news as he does a fantastic job at Bushey station and we often receive letters from happy customers praising his hard work, so it really is a well deserved award. I’m looking for more ways we can promote the brilliant job our employees do and see the value in awards like these.

Today was also the final day of LOROL’s annual employee survey, View Point. I extended it by a week and was pleased to get back more responses than last year’s survey. I’m looking forward to seeing the results and creating a plan of action based on the feedback. Hope you have good weekends, Rachel.