Does your company have a vision and mission? Are they any good? By which I mean are they relevant, jargon-free and accurate for your organisation?

Today I discovered a Slideshare that has the visions and missions of the Global Fortune 100. There are some howlers in there, but also some decent ones. It was created in 2010 and is worth a read.

From Vodafone to Toshiba, Nokia to Sony, they’re all in there. I thought I would embed it here so you can have a look through and see for yourself.

If you’ve never checked out Slideshare, I recommend it. It is a mine of information at your fingertips as it has thousands of uploaded slides. I have my own profile and use to upload content including presentations I give, so the information can be accessed and shared by people who read it.

You can see my profile at, and my content includes:

Here’s the presentation:

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Post author: Rachel Miller

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