I’m currently preparing my thoughts as I’ve been asked to speak with the students studying for Kingston Uni’s year long post-graduate diploma in Internal Communications Management.

Regular readers will know this is the course I graduated from in January, and I’m looking forward to returning to the classroom to meet the current group of Internal Communications (IC) professionals. I’m speaking on conducting research and the importance of IC professionals using/understanding social media. As part of my presentation I’d like to close by sharing the thoughts of my blog readers and Twitter users.

So it’s over to you… I’m looking for your number one piece of advice please. What has really helped you in your career? What book or website could you simply not do without? What is your top tip students should know? I’d love to hear from you and know the class will too.

Please send me a tweet (@rachallen), comment here or ping me an email (rach@rachallen.com). Thank you.