Huge congratulations to everyone on my post-graduate diploma in Internal Communications Management course. A year of study has finally come to an end and I’m the very proud owner of a PGDip. Well done to everyone in my class for surviving and coming out the other side.

For me, the opportunity to meet Internal Comms professionals from a wide variety of industries and hearing war stories from each other of when good comms go bad was a vital part of my learning. Knowing that I now have people I can talk to for advice and to swap tips and hints with is incredibly valuable. I set up a Facebook group for us when the course started and would advise future ICM students to do the same as it is a great way to keep in touch and not feel isolated when spending hours and hours researching and writing assignments.

There is a fair bit of activity on Twitter about Internal Communication training and a few people have asked me whether I would recommend my course. I studied via Capita Learning & Development and Kingston University in London. It covered topics including understanding the new communication environment, evaluating the effects of organisational culture and structure on internal communications; issues involved in communicating in an international environment and how to influence and negotiate with people at all levels.

My advice would be to not underestimate the sheer amount of work and hours you need to dedicate in order to keep your head above water and meet the stringent deadlines, while also holding down a full time job and family/social life.

I think knowing there are now 35 more Internal Comms professionals at an accredited level working hard to improve IC in our own industries is fantastic. We all have the theory behind our instincts and a thorough understanding of just how important Internal Communication is and the role it plays. I’m sure we will all go on to push for improved IC in our organisations now and in the future.

Other courses around include Melcrum’s black belt training for Internal Communication. The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has a list of accredited Communications and PR courses and Communicators in Business (CiB) offers a Diploma of proficiency in internal communication. What do you think about Internal Communication courses? Have you come across any good ones? Let me know your thoughts.

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