It’s Yammer time…


It’s Yammer time…

Do you have or are you thinking of introducing Yammer into your organisation? Do you know how to use it, how do other people use Yammer for internal communication and are there any tips and best practice around?

yammertimeQueries about using Yammer as an option for an enterprise social network is one of the most popular ways people reach my blog. Welcome if that’s you!

I thought I’d collate the information that I’ve published to date in one place so if you are looking into how to use Yammer, you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

Using something else? I’ve collated 243 examples (and growing!) of what companies are using for their enterprise social networks/ internal social media/ collaboration.

Call it what you will, there is a lot to choose from including Chatter, Jive, Lync, SharePoint, Interact and many more.

To find out more and view the examples, check out my round-up of case studies.

Come across one that’s not on the list? Do Tweet me @AllthingsIC or comment below to point me towards the link to include.

Ready? Let’s go…

Overview video of how Yammer works

Case studies of how organisations are using it:

ACT Conferencing case study
AMP video
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants case study
Aviva Investors overview and follow-up
Berlin Burger International case study
Booking Wizard article
Capgemini videocase study and presentation
Cargill case study 
Cbeyond overview
Yammer CIPR Scotland article
City of London Corporation case study
ContactNet, Thomas Reuters case study
Dachis Group article
Deutsche Post DHL case study
Dorma case study
Earth Hour video and case study
European Commission article and article
Flemish Government overview
Frog Recruitment video
Gatwick Airport case study and case study
Grundfos case study and article
GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) overview
Henkel case study
Hill & Knowlton overview
Janssenn and NHS Confederation Mental Health Network article
IKEA case study  video
Initiative video and case study
INSEAD video and video
IPC case study
Jordan Baris case study
Kluwer case study
Knightstone Housing – coming soon as a case study on my blog
LAC-Group article
Lexis Nexis videocase studycase study and case study
Manhattan Associates video and case study
MD Anderson overview
Merlin case study
Microsoft article
MIT case study article
Monmouthshire County Council article and video
National Australia Bank article and article
National Council for Volunteer Organisations (NCVO) article and visual guide
Nationwide video and case study
Northwards Housing article and article
One Kings Lane video and case study
Pepperdine case study  and video
Penn State article
Pitney Bowes case study
RealTech case study
Red Robin video and case study
REWE case study
Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) video
Sanofi Pasteur case study
Scribnia case study
Siemens case study
Southern Company presentation
Stanford Student Enterprises
SunCorp video and case study
Swiftcurrent Strategies case study
Telefónica case study
Telstra article
Transport for London case study
Trek Bicycle case study
Tui article
Tyco video and case study
UCAS (The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) case study
UNICEF case study
Wakefield article
Walsall Council article and article
Weleda case study
Westfield shopping centres videocase study and article
Xerox video and case study
Yota case study
Zühlke case study

Infographic on introducing Yammer into an organisation – features the illustratrations on this page, which are by Virpi Oinonen (

Illustrated guide of how to introduce Yammer into an organisation:

Jan 2014 update: Read Virpi’s guest article for my blog on the role of IC in rolling out an enterprise social network.

Articles I’ve published about Yammer use include:

How Gatwick Airport Uses Yammer
How Aviva Investors Use Yammer
Do They Like It?
How Accountants Use Yammer

Why Use Enterprise Social Networks for Internal Communication?
300+ examples of social media policies and guidelines
243 case studies of internal social media use
2015: Seven golden rules when using Yammer

What Yammer (Microsoft) publish

Find them on Twitter @Yammer
The Yammer blog
Yammer Success Centre
Overview video by Christophe Fiessinger @cfiessinger on enterprise social
How to set up the Yammer app for SharePoint
Whitepaper on integrating Yammer with SharePoint
Information about Yammer certification (useful overviews)
Yammer’s Learning Centre

Other Yammer resources

Webinar: Supporting learning with social networking, by Mike Thomas (thanks for Tweeting me this link Mike)
Free download: 43 ways to use Yammer

How to run a webjam

Hearing about it first hand

In September 2012 I chaired a session at the annual Internal Communication conference from CIPR Inside, the sector group for IC pros from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

During that session, Linda Mortimer from Gatwick Airport shared their story of how they have been using Yammer. You can see the whole programme here.

Thanks as ever for stopping by,
Post author: Rachel Miller
First published 16 July 2013.


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Hi Rachel, thanks for your great list of case studies, I have recorded some interviews with companies in Germany using Yammer – even if they are in German it might be worth adding them to your list
Best Regards

Thanks very much Michael, I’ll do that, Rachel

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