I started writing this blog back in 2009 and over the past couple of years it has evolved to become Diary of an internal communicator.

When I started writing it was called Life through a 2.0 lens as I was researching my dissertation for Kingston Uni’s post graduate diploma in Internal Communications Management.

Later that year I changed jobs and Melcrum asked me to write about the first month in my new role for the Melcrum blog. They featured it for a month and called it Diary of an Internal Communicator. Following feedback from their readers and visitors to my site, I was encouraged to continue blogging on internal communications. So I decided to rebrand to be Diary of an internal communicator as I found I wasn’t just focusing on social media and web 2.0 but other areas too.

Over the past couple of years I have been approached and have approached other communicators and asked them to share their thoughts in the form of a guest post – opening up their diaries of being an internal communicator to provide an insight into their world.  The reason for writing this post is to widen that invitation.

The write stuff?
So if you work in or have an interest in comms, ideally internal comms, and would like to share your diary in the form of an article, offering insight into how you see the world of comms or comms in the world, please do get in touch with your suggestions. You can contact me at: rach@rachmiller.com

You can read some of the articles from guest authors here:
Ajita Jabal Shah who lives in Pune, India. Published May 2011.

Fighting fear for effective communication by Sarah Hodges. Published March 2011

Diary of a French Communicator by Aurore Cazal. Published February 2010.

Diary of a Hungarian Communicator by Csaba Szücs. Published January 2010.

Diary of a PR Student by Bryony Chinnery. Published November 2009.

Thanks as ever for stopping by,